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Tree Belt watering

I have a shelter belt that is approximately 20 years old that I started from "twigs". I have russian olives, junipers, austrian & ponderosa pines, and green ash trees. They are on a drip system where I water about 7-10 days on and two weeks off all summer. My question is: Is this windbreak established to the point that I would no longer need to drip the trees? I am especially concerned about the pines, since they are 20-25 feet tall & I don't want to lose them. Thank you!!


Platte County Wyoming about 6 years ago

Compatibility of xeriscaping and established trees: eastern Wyoming

Before suggesting to town administrators that a landscaping rebate program called "grass-to-xeriscape" be considered for the small eastern Wyoming community where I live, I want to know if any research or studies have been done on the long-term effects of reducing supplemental irrigation water to established trees of various species including cottonwood and elm. This program, adopted in Mesa, AZ, has been very successful in reducing water use for residential landscaping. However, I am concerned that cutting back on lawn sprinkling may have an adverse on the health of mature trees, particularly in the current circumstances of declining groundwater levels. I would be grateful if someone could help me locate useful information.


Platte County Wyoming over 6 years ago

Yucca differences

This past June the Yucca did not bloom, and have noticed a lot more dying/dead yucca in our pastures. Is this a result of our above normal rainfall, (we had 20.89 inches as opposed to a normal of 13). Know it will come back, but was curious.


Platte County Wyoming over 4 years ago

honeylocust dieback

My mature honeylocust was healthy and beautiful last year. This year it bloomed late and more than half of it has died. Large branches all through it have died and several more seem to be wilting before my eyes. Is there anything I can do about this? Is it too late? What might be causing this?


Platte County Wyoming almost 2 years ago

Brown blotches in lawn

As of June 30th....................I have not received a reply. Still waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have these brown blotches all over my lawn in town in Wheatland. I thought they may be grubs and I have previously applied a grub pesticide. After digging in these spots I have found no indication of grub activity. The grass is well watered and the soil throughout the lawn is moist and thick. I have had these issues in other years but it seems much worse this year. I fertilize each spring and fall and try to keep any weeds in check. Please respond that you have received my 3 pictures attached. I am not sure they uploaded properly.

Appreciate any help you can offer.


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Platte County Wyoming almost 3 years ago

Garden near outdoor yard light

Is an outdoor yard light a problem for a garden, meaning this is on at night and the garden has no complete darkness?


Platte County Wyoming 5 days ago

Boxelder bugs

How can we control these pests in a non-toxic way indoor and out??


Platte County Wyoming about 6 years ago

Sampling of Wyoming Food Freedom Act foods at Farmer's Market

I am looking for a clear, definitive answer regarding if foods prepared under the Wyoming Food Freedom Act can be sampled at a farmer's market? I'm looking for a reference to statutes or similar authority and not an opinion. If these foods can be sampled, is a license required or not?


Platte County Wyoming over 2 years ago

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