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Elder Financial Exploitation

Is financial exploitation of a senior citizen a criminal or civil matter? What are the primary determining factors? What is the best way to find a lawyer to review Elder Financial Exploitation?


Park County Wyoming legal issues 6 months ago

Name this tree?

We are attempting to identify a tree that seems to have become a popular landscaping choice in Cody. Its narrow form and bright red fall foliage makes it an attractive choice.We do not believe it is a "native" species since it always appears in landscaped situations. The specimens we observed do have some variation in bark and leaf shape, but this seems similar to normal variations in individual specimens. Strongly suspect this is an ornamental maple variety. Can you be of assistance?


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Park County Wyoming trees and shrubs horticulture almost 5 years ago

Brown Mantidfly

I found a mantidfly in Wyoming. What do I do??



Park County Wyoming about 6 years ago

sick chickens

I am in need of help with my chickens. I have already contacted all the vets in powell/cody area and no seems to want to help or to know about chickens. I even offered to bring one in but they were not interested. I bought 14 chickens in Feb. this year. They are getting sick one by one. I don't know what to do. I bought 3 new books and combed the net for answers nothing is really specific enough. They have been free ranging and they are (3 now of the 14) are just laying in the nest and not getting up and they stopped producing eggs. I did check on egg binging or internal egg breakage but nothing noted. They still drink alittle water and food if I bring it to them. I put them on the ground to make them move and they immediately squat. I make them get up and then they start moving around walking, pecking on the ground, eating some, drinking very little, they groom immediately. But after a short while they are all back on the nest again. They ruffle their feathers out when you come near or when you put them around the others. I feel as though they have fevers when you pick them up or esp. when you do rectal exam. The first one (momma) got sick over 2 weeks ago and she is still alive and she will eat and drink if you bring it in front of her. Then the second (Babs) got sick a week later, now a third one has been staying down for 2 days. First one is losing weight more. They are all alert but appear weak and listless. The combs and wattels all look fine. I looked at stool and no worms visible. Oh I have some chicken dewormer that I got at Big R, Wazine 17, but I don't know how to calculate the amt to give since it says for 100 Chickens give 2 fluid ounces (60 ml) in 2 gal water. I have one of those 5 gallon metal fluid feeders like you get at Big R. I can get tetracycline at Big R too but same problems with dosage amounts for 14 chickens. Can you help me???? Please! please help me and my new baby's. This is my second time to have chickens in my life. I never had problems with sickness with the first 10 I had. I can take pictures too if need be. I know they are only chickens and I know you guys are really busy but please somebody take the time to help a gal who wants to be a ag girl/farmer soooo bad. Ohhh yeah I have Buffington's and they lay brown eggs if it matters to ya. And they have the best and largest home coop in the area, but they range free most of the day weather premitting. Thanks Crystal Allen in Powell 307-754-7190


Park County Wyoming about 6 years ago

We just moved to Wyoming in a high desert and I started a garden. My tomatoe...

We just moved to Wyoming in a high desert and I started a garden. My tomatoe plant leaves are curling. I water every day or every other and have covered them with straw. It has been very hot for a week, could that be why? Also the plants are getting small vegetables on them already and it is too soon. The plants aren't even very big yet. Any suggestions?


Park County Wyoming about 2 years ago

Bad? milkweed

Have what looks like milkweed growing in yard. Someone said it was"bad" milkweed. Like to know whether to remove. Would like to know name



Park County Wyoming about 1 year ago

Planting Oregon Marianberries in Wyoming, How to make them survive.

What do I need to do to give Marianberries the best opportunity to survive Wyoming winters? We live in North west Wyoming about an hour east of Yellowstone National Park.


Park County Wyoming about 2 years ago

tomato disease

My tomatoes, I believe, have curly top. The leaves curled, turned black (on the top of the plant) and the lower leaves are leathery. I live out of town, next to a horse/cow pasture. Is there anything I can do?


Park County Wyoming about 4 years ago

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