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persistant herbacides in alfalf used as fertilizer and compost

Hi,I use alfalfa pellets as a lawn fertilizer and in compost.Persistent herbicides used on alfalfa can poison soil for years in veggie gardens even if first eaten by a horse and then composted.The company that sells the pellets I'm using uses sencor 75 turf herbicide(metribuzin is the active ingredient).the internet seems to imply that this is not one of these newer persistent herbicides.Are these pellets safe for putting on the garden and in the compost? Thanks for any info .I'm going out right now and spread some on the yard. Best Regards,Jon Valenzuela


Natrona County Wyoming about 6 years ago

Fertilizing hay field

Information on soil testing to figure out fertilizer needs in hay field.


Natrona County Wyoming over 5 years ago

Canning with electric pressure cooker

I bought an electric pressure cooker that holds 4 pint canning jars and am wondering if it would be safe to pressure can pickled fish with this cooker


Natrona County Wyoming about 3 years ago

2 years of seedlings being stunted

The last couple of years the pepper and tomato seedlings for the garden have got to the cotyledon stage or one real leaf and stunted with no growth but they don't die.They barely grow when transplanted outdoors.I'm using t-5 florescent lights, how close should they be.Can a blast of cold air from leaving the door open cause this?I have a large indoor garden in the winter and have been fighting fungus knats the last few years, do they damage seedlings? The root growth in 2"x2" cells looks white but like a spider web and after 2 months the soil in the cell mostly just falls off of what little roots that are there when transplanting.I use seed starters with a water reservoir and a capillary mat.I use tobacco. Can Mosaic Virus stunt seedlings but not kill them?
Thanks for your thoughts on this,


Natrona County Wyoming over 1 year ago


What mushrooms in the Casper area are edible?


Natrona County Wyoming over 5 years ago

Blue spruce planted two years ago

Three were planted and bottom limbs are losing needles any ideas? TIA I called someone and he said that the people that planted them didn't take the burlap off that that is why. Called the guy that planted them and he said he would look at them and won't call back. He said all the tree up here have been planted the same way and they have done fine.



Natrona County Wyoming almost 4 years ago

transplanting russian sage

Right now, (Sept) Russian Sage is heavily flowering, can it be successfully transplanted this time of year?


Natrona County Wyoming about 7 years ago


These plants are growing at our home- last summer, I tried to pull them but the root systems made it next to impossible to do. We gave up and just mowed them over for the season, but we'd like a different alternative this year. Any thoughts as to what they are and how to deal effectively with them? Thank you so much!



Natrona County Wyoming over 6 years ago

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