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Pasture Fungus I.D. & Treatment

I have a black fungus in my lawn/pasture that I need to have identified and given non chemical, preferable element treatment options. I hope the photos can help identify the problem.I have horses grazing on the area in the evenings along with pet dogs so an elemental treatment program is a must rather than chemicals. I live north of Etna.


Lincoln County Wyoming about 4 years ago

white pine weevil

I need advice on preventing/treating white pine weevil. The dead tops of the trees have already been removed, but I want to prevent them next year. I have had weevil damage now for 3 years. I used 2 different local "tree/insect" contractors with out success. Should I do a treatment in the fall and spring? Thank you


Lincoln County Wyoming 11 months ago

Canada Red Chokecherry diseases

I have 4 of these trees in my yard. Over the last few years i have noticed these black bulbous areas form on the branches. At first I thought they were from caterpillars. But this year having trimmed them off the tree it looks like it is sick.(2nd Pic) Also for the first time this year I have noticed the white spots on the branches. (1st pic)Please let me know what you think. We live 40 miles south of Jackson, Wyo. Our elevation is about 5,800 feeet. Thank You!


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Lincoln County Wyoming about 1 month ago

Shade trees for high elevation

What is a good shade tree for an altitude of 7000 feet that won't get real tall, say 30 feet or less.


Lincoln County Wyoming trees and shrubs about 2 years ago

Aspen Trees

After some recent grading on our property half a dozen small aspen trees ended up with about 2 to 3 feet of earth piled around their trunks. I've read that this could be bad for some trees but cannot find anything definitive with regard to the impact on aspens. Should I unearth my aspen trees? Thanks for any insight.


Lincoln County Wyoming almost 2 years ago

Deep pectoral myopathy

Is there any way to screen the carcass before packaging to ensure the cornish cross broiler does not have the green breast meat?????


Lincoln County Wyoming about 4 years ago

Underground green house - Walipini

Do you have publications or experience in western Wyoming building underground green houses or walipini? I am planning on building one and would like some more information on what works and what doesn't.



Lincoln County Wyoming almost 2 years ago

Plant Identification

I've been seeing this plant occur regularly at rocky, carbonatic sites throughout Lincoln County, Wyoming. I know I've seen it before and can't for the life of me remember the name



Lincoln County Wyoming about 3 years ago

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