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"Sugared" jelly

Is it possible to microwave a jar of jelly that has "sugared" to reconstitute it?

Laramie County Wyoming over 6 years ago

Create Buffalo Grass Plugs

I'm in Cheyenne, and my south-side lawn gets full sun all summer, and the current grass is ill-equipped to survive. I'm thinking about putting in buffalo grass. The ease of using plugs appeals to me, but it's pricey. Seed is cheaper, but it would require me to till my existing space. My question is this: can I buy seed and some trays and create my own plugs? If so, do you have any advice on doing this? How long before the plugs may be planted? I assume I'd need to plant about an inch down, and it would be best to keep the trays outside to avoid shock when they are planted. I appreciate any guidance you can offer.

Laramie County Wyoming over 6 years ago

Best water to COOK with?

I use well water (east of Cheyenne) to cook with. My "Joy of Cooking" says soft water is best for most cooking processes, although very soft water will make yeast doughs soggy and sticky. Hard water & some soft waters affect flavor..may toughen legumes and fruits and shrivel pickles..they alter the color of some veggies and turn white veggies yellow...and on it goes. What's a cook to do? I am having trouble making yeast breads. What water would you suggest I purchase to help improve my breads??


Laramie County Wyoming over 6 years ago

Caterpillar Species

Can you please tell us here at the Wyoming Game and Fish Green River Office what species of caterpillar this is?



Laramie County Wyoming about 6 years ago

Sudden green bushes

I've found these bushes with small purple flowers suddenly showing up in parks and grassland areas. Can't figure out what they are. Thanks for any help!


Img_20160730_195143389_300x300%2523 Img_20160730_195156547_300x300%2523

Laramie County Wyoming plant identification wildflowers and native plants about 3 years ago

soil condition

My backyard is bordered by 2 large spruce trees and the prevailing winds blow dead needles down into my backyard "lawn". The "lawn" is an area not under the trees. The needles apparently have altered the chemistry of the soil and I am having a bad time trying to grow grass. I would appreciate any info you might be able to provide


Laramie County Wyoming about 6 years ago

Unknown House Spider

I found this spider in my house and wanted to know if it is a good spider or bad spider to have in my home. Thank you!



Laramie County Wyoming over 2 years ago


What is the name of this large moth, please.



Laramie County Wyoming about 1 year ago

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