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Encourage Tree Roots to Grow Down

Interested in creating a wind break in an established trailer park (Buffalo). Can you recommend the best way to encourage roots to grow down, to minimize the chance of water/waste pipe and leech field damage? Easements are between 20' and 30'. I was told to use 6' of 1" EMT conduit or steel pipe, hammered deep along side each tree. And water each tree, via the pipe, each day, for the first couple years. Thank you for any assistance you can give.


Johnson County Wyoming over 5 years ago

Fair Entries

Where do I find the codes for the Dept, Div, and Class for the fair entries


Johnson County Wyoming about 6 years ago

Is this a morel mushroom?

Attached are pictures of a mushroom we found in the Big Horn Mountains above Big Horn, Wyoming, They were on a west-facing wooded hillside; elevation approximately 8,000 ft. This was one of the smaller mushrooms, diameter approximately 4 inches, height 4 inches. There were others in the vicinity that were even larger. We were wondering if this is a morel or if it is edible.


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Johnson County Wyoming mushrooms about 4 years ago

European Paper wasp

we had some wasps this summer 3 miles south of Linch that were like Kamakazee pilots. They were SUPER AGRESSIVE, I'd never seen a wasp that agressive. They had yellow stripes on them. Do you think they were this invasive species?


Johnson County Wyoming almost 4 years ago

Water Testing

Where can I have a sample of well water tested to make sure it is not contaminated?


Johnson County Wyoming about 6 years ago

Pasta Seed Pillows

I am looking for a commercial source of sagebrush seed pillows, I have read about your success and would like to try an area in Wyoming, I am working on a site that had been over sprayed many years ago and there is no sagebrush in sight, and we would like to see it again. Thanks Phil Gonzales, Buffalo, Wyoming


Johnson County Wyoming over 2 years ago


How can I prevent rabbits from chewing on my car wires?


Johnson County Wyoming 4 months ago


What trees and shrubs grow fastest in Buffalo.


Johnson County Wyoming 4 months ago

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