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Wasp like insect that attacked unprovoked

Can you please tell me what insect this is? It attacked my husband in a mass swarm unrovoked.



Goshen County Wyoming about 4 years ago

Pine tree damage

My spruce trees have new growth coming on, but the needles are turning brown. Is this frost damage, bugs, fungus?? What can I do?



Goshen County Wyoming over 2 years ago

Bull snakes crossing with rattlesnakes?

I have friends telling me that they killed a rattlesnake that looked like it crossed with a bull snake. University of South Dakota web site says it's impossible because they are 2 different species. So why does this rattlesnake have markings on half it's body like a bull snake?


Goshen County Wyoming wildlife damage management snakes about 6 years ago

Can you name that plant (weed?)

This weed/plant has been popping up in Goshen County, Wyoming. Do you know what it may be? Several "Guesses" from various sources: A= Not neessarily an "answer" but provides clues about the plant from the original poster. Q= Question C= Other Comments. A: The leaves have really taken on a different shape the last couple days, we have had an inch of rain, so it has grown a lot. So now this doesn't look like it at all!! Will have to google weeds or something and see if I can find it. Q: Hmmm...well, I see it. Leaves seem to spiral around a central stem? Is that correct? Google Image search. wild lettuce does that, but surely, these are not lettuce looking leaves. Probably "lanceolate" shaped leaves? http://www.environment.gov.au/biodiversity/abrs/online-resources/glossaries/vascular/lshape.html I'm looking. C: All kinds of stuff about "leaf shape" here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leaf_shape C: Good Grief: You could become the regional "Botanical expert" with this vocabulary! http://namethatplant.net/glossary.shtml NameThatPlant.net: Glossary namethatplant.net C: Common botanical terms are explained in plain English, with pictures!. Q: Do they cause a local rash or irritation when handled? Are they hairy? (I can't really tell.) C:If you don't mind, I copied the image and I'm gonna ask the USA Seed Swap ladies. I'm sure they will probably know. Q: Does it smell lemony when the leaves are crushed? A: No smell at all. Not hairy and not itchy. C: Go to Planet Plant ID.. They know everything LOL (here at FB) C: Here that looks like stinging nettles but if it doesn't sting then it is not that. Q: How do you know its a weed? A: That's a good question, they aren't mine. In my yard nothing is really a "weed," I just need to find a suitable home for it. A friend asked me what they were. They come up every year and she pulls them out as "weeds". The rest I know is in the picture and the few things I have already listed that she told me. Q: Do they ever go to bloom and seed or are they multiplying by runners? A: That's a good question, however, my friend lives halfway across the country (in WY) I will have to ask her and respond when she does. I am under the impression she doesn't wait for them to go to seed. Q: They must multiply by runners. Hard to tell. Q: IF she has beheaded them before they bloom and seed, it seems like that would be the only way for them to propagate... underground somehow... I suppose? A: She said, "They did bloom when we first moved here(14 years ago) but I have not let them bloom or go to seed since, usually pull them out before they get as big as in this picture. They do not have runners, weird little tiny bulb looking things when we dug them up." A: Says not Pigweed (Amaranth) My guess. "roots aren't red... are white and they were tiny purple flowers". I'm stumped. Q: Think Betony. The root you described and small bluish bloom. Several varieties. The roots are edible. Q: Well, I'll try asking an expert at the University of Wyoming Extension office.



Goshen County Wyoming over 6 years ago

Another pic of insect...you can see they are the size of a dime

Not very big...the size of a dime but very aggresive.



Goshen County Wyoming about 4 years ago

noncommercial chemical applicators license

is there any chance to have another applicators test for Goshen county the first one was not well publicized, I know of quite a few ppl who's number are expiring and did not know of first meeting. Thanks Bruce Good


Goshen County Wyoming over 4 years ago

Wildflower ID

This was growing near the North Platte River. I have not been able to find it in several books. Thank you for your help identifying it, Brandy



Goshen County Wyoming about 5 years ago

Fall color

Why are my Aspen not turning gold in the fall? The leavs just turn grey, dry up and fall off. The soil here probably lacjs what???


Goshen County Wyoming about 5 years ago

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