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Linden Greenspire tree

I planted a 15 ft Linden Greenspire Sept. 19, 20016. Over the summer the leaves have appeared
wilted. It is a normal green, but the leaves have appeared wilted most of the summer. I called the nursey
where I bought it and she said I had watered too much. Took the water off and showed no signs of improvement. Not sure what to think as it was an expensive tree and don't want to lose it.


Crook County Wyoming almost 2 years ago

Watering Trees

My lilacs and young trees have dropped their leaves but are now forming new leaf buds. Should I be watering them?


Crook County Wyoming almost 3 years ago

Land Lease Prices

I am trying to negotiate a land lease for grazing cattle. Is there any data collected that I can use to find out what the going rate for leases are?


Crook County Wyoming over 5 years ago

Aspen or birch?

Are the trees along the Deckelman Ridge road in the Bearlodge aspen or paper birch or both?


Crook County Wyoming about 4 years ago

Fertilizer Suggested

We have a small ranch in Northeast Wyoming near Sundance in Crook county. Last year we planted a food plot for wildlife. A mix of alfalfa, oats and radish. It didn't grow like we expected. Now, this plot is up in the hills so the growing season is pretty short but it was virgin ground and I thought there would be sufficient nutrients there as we have grazed it for many years prior. I'm wondering what you would suggest as a good fertilizer to put down this spring before planting the oats again. We'd like to be able to cut it for hay if we could get a good stand. Thank you!


Crook County Wyoming over 1 year ago

How do I get rid of Leafy Spurge

The gentleman that cuts hay on my cabin property notified me that one of our slash piles on the site has leafy spurge growing in it. I was wanting to get rid of this quickly. What is the best manner for me to do this?


Crook County Wyoming almost 4 years ago


Can an aquaponic set up be done economically in northeast Wy. If so what info is available?


Crook County Wyoming hydroponics fish over 5 years ago

cover crop for alfalfa/grass

We are going to plant a field back to alfalfa/brome grass. I'm thinking of doing it late July and am thinking of using winter wheat, rye, tritacale, hairy vetch or a combination to plant with the alfalfa and grass. Is this any good, will it work? Or is there something better that would work?


Crook County Wyoming cover crops about 2 years ago

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