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winter die off?

Last year in Wyoming we had a beautiful autumn, warm with very little cold days or snow. However, when winter came, it came suddenly and stayed. It was quite warm one day and the next day the temperatures plummeted to freezing. After that we had cold and colder days for most of the winter, with very little snow. The juniper trees, bushes, etc. all turned rusty brown, not just in my town, but throughout Southeasten and East Central Wyoming towns. After a beautiful April, we have had three weeks' worth of rain everyday, with cool temperatures and nothing but clouds--an almost unheard of kind of weather in dry Southeastern and East Central Wyoming. My fruit trees in my backyard--A Jonathan Apple Tree, a Pie Cherry tree, and a ground cherry bush--did not come out of hibernation. The extension office told several people I know that, because of the sudden temperature change last fall, the trees, both evergreen and leafy trees, have been hit very hard. Is there anything I can do for the fruit trees? I am applying fertilizer to the juniper bushes and hoping for the best. The strange thing is the front yard trees are fine.


Converse County Wyoming trees and shrubs horticulture over 4 years ago

Tree Problem

I went on a house call and this is the problem tree. The bark had turned black and it was seeping a lot of fluids. Is this pine beetle or some other problem?



Converse County Wyoming over 3 years ago


Is rhubarb safe to eat after the plants have been exposed to freezing temperatures?


Converse County Wyoming over 4 years ago

Best type of grass to grow

Our backyard needs to be reseeded for grass. I am unsure of the type that was previously grown. I run a small home daycare and put in a sand box a couple years ago. The sand has basically been dumped and spread throughout the yard so there is a thin top layer of sand. What do we need to do to get the soil back to normal and what type of grass will grow best in this circumstance? The area is 50% shaded and is on the east side of our home. We have an unusable sprinkler system that we plan to repair in the next couple weeks. We have one dog and lots of kids that run through the yard. We are unable to afford sod so we plan to seed. A friend recommended buffalo grass. Any information is appreciated. Thank you.


Converse County Wyoming high traffic turf over 6 years ago

Market wethers - goats with horns

Out of state goat sellers are asking who determines whether the 4-H market wethers have to be disbudded, dehorned to be shown in classes at the Wy State Fair. Lots of confusion on who makes this determination, the County 4-H office cannot tell me. I am wondering if the ABGA (Am Boer Goat Assn) rules are used, since they are used in the open show at WSF. Thanks.


Converse County Wyoming almost 4 years ago

When will leaves change in Douglas WY?

What is the peak time for viewing fall colors in the Douglas WY area?


Converse County Wyoming about 4 years ago

grass seed

I was wondering what the best grass seed choice would be for Douglas, Wy. Not much shade,low maintenance and low water. Thanks!


Converse County Wyoming over 4 years ago

Soil sample from my lawn

Can I send a soil sample from my lawn to U.W. for analysis? Do I need a kit? Where do I get a kit? Does the analysis cost $ ?


Converse County Wyoming about 6 years ago

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