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Extension agents circulating erroneous hemp information

UW extension agents are circulating bad info on hemp, because they have no hemp knowledge themselves. I would be absolutely delighted to talk to your "hemp expert", because the actions of the UW Extension office are harming my business and I'm considering a Cease and Desist. Matt Rankin Owner Wyoming Hemp Seed Company. LLC Saratoga, Wyoming

Carbon County Wyoming 5 months ago

Catepillar Problem

I have many of the following Catepillars in my willow bushes. I have looked them up on the internet a believe them to be Hyalophora Cecropia. I can not find any place where they say how to get rid of them. All they say is that they don't do much damage so don't need to get rid of them. They are really eating a lot of the leaves off the willows. I would like to get rid of them. Please let me know if I have correctly identified them and what I can do to get rid of them??? Also, if you need a better picture let me know and I will take another one. This is one of the smaller ones. There are a couple that are about 2 - 3 inches long.



Carbon County Wyoming about 6 years ago

Trees In Rawlins

I am looking for advice on choosing a fairly quick growing tree for the poor, arid soil of Rawlins. I would like shade and some protection from the wind. We currently have seedless cottonwoods in our back yard and do not like the mess of the easily broken branches, so would like to avoid anything like that. Thanks much for any guidance you can provide.


Carbon County Wyoming over 5 years ago

Coal in ground

We are wanting to plant a small garden in our back yard but as we started to dig it up we noticed that there is coal everywhere. It is on the very top layer and then again about a foot down. So my question is is it safe to plant a garden with the coal being in the ground?


Carbon County Wyoming over 6 years ago

Root spread on a 1.5 foot tall blue spruce

I have a 1.5 to 2 foot blue spruce and I wanted to remove the grass/weed mixture of dirt in the area where it is growing by removing the top 2 inches of dirt and adding topsoil in the general area for purposes of growing ground cover flowers. The reason for removing the dirt with grass/weeds and adding new grassfree dirt is because it is the best way of not having to be continually fighting grass to keep it from taking over the new flower bed. I guess my question is does the tree have roots in the top 2 inches of dirt?


Carbon County Wyoming trees and shrubs horticulture about 4 years ago

Aspen Alley

When is the best time to visit aspen alley for maximum color? Dale Thompson


Carbon County Wyoming almost 6 years ago

Family Ranch Mediation Resources

My family is stuggling with the family ranch with my two brothers and my parents. It seems that the solution is to divide the ranch and dissolve the partnership. I am wondering if there are any free or reasonable resources to help them work throught this. My brothers do not communicate at all and my 80 year old parents are caught in the middle. Can you offer any advice for resources?


Carbon County Wyoming mediation farmer landowner partnerships over 5 years ago

New Lawn

Hello, We just moved from Utah to Sinclair in January, the lawn to the home we bought was completely gone (never maintained). So in April we tilled it and put down seed, a mix of fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass. It came in, but seems to be struggling in some areas more than others. We also made the mistake of not leveling after tilling (this is our first time attempting a yard from seed). We have "bald spots" as well. So a couple questions, is there a way to "level out" the bumps and get grass to grow in the bald spots? And the spots that seem to struggle, we aren't sure what to do there. Do you have any suggestions, also what and when would be best to do this fall to prep it for winter so it will come in strong next spring. Sorry for all the questions and thank you in advance!


Carbon County Wyoming about 2 years ago

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