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Waste Plant Compost

I have two small areas that I have been growing my vegetables. I want to use the processed waste compost from the waste plant here in Gillette, Wyoming. What would you recommend to use in my two areas? One is around 20' x 25', and the other is 5' x 25'. Each year I have added some Miracle-Gro garden soil to the area, and that gets fairly expensive. I wanted your suggestion on using it and the amount to use for my gardening area.


Campbell County Wyoming compost over 4 years ago

selling farm eggs

I have heard there are guidelines to follow if we are going to sell our farm eggs. Such as regulations on washing ect, that need to be followed. Do you have a publication or suggestions?


Campbell County Wyoming eggs over 6 years ago

Some of the tips of my Black Hills spruce have turned reddish/brown. These...

Some of the tips of my Black Hills spruce have turned reddish/brown. These trees are about 12' and have been planted here for 6 years.


Campbell County Wyoming trees and shrubs horticulture about 4 years ago

Best Veggies to Grow

I live in Gillette. I am a first time gardener, can you tell me what are the easiest things to grow?


Campbell County Wyoming over 5 years ago

Trees Dying

we have some evergreen trees that appear to be dying at one of our properties (2200 Foothills) and I was wondering if you could look at the attached pictures and give your thought on what is going on. Also, if you could give me some direction



Campbell County Wyoming over 5 years ago

Garden Fertilizer

What is the best all around fertilizer for a garden in the Sleepy Hollow area of Campbell County? I do till in lawn clippings and some wood ash.


Campbell County Wyoming fertilizer for garden over 6 years ago

Bug Identification

can you please tell me what kind of bug this is, my local pest man said it was a stink bug. I do not find that body type when I look on the internet. I am looking to get rid of an infestation. Thank you!



Campbell County Wyoming almost 3 years ago


Videos on Health and Safety Basics: Requirements for Certification won't play.


Campbell County Wyoming child care over 2 years ago

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