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Weed spraying license

I as wondering if you could help me get a study guide for general commercial applicator and right of way to become a licensed applicator. my dad owns Western Weed Control in Cody. This summer I worked under him but I would like to get my license so I don't always have to have his supervision. thanks


Big Horn County Wyoming over 5 years ago

Tallman pumpkins

Where do I find Tallman pumpkin seeds?


Big Horn County Wyoming fruits and vegetables horticulture over 4 years ago

hay testing

Where can I get samples of hay tested for sugar and starch content? I have a horse that has foundered and is on dry lot. I need to control the feed intake and need to have a hay analyst performed.....Thanks.. John


Big Horn County Wyoming almost 4 years ago

bug or disease on a ripe raspberry

I just found two ripe raspberries covered in a shiny, clear wrap covering the berry and even a green berry.


Big Horn County Wyoming about 2 years ago


I have rented a ranch house close to Deaver. The front yard is just soil. The landloard tells me the soil and water are alkaline so grass seed never grows. I am looking to landscape with grasses and other plants that will work in this environment. Little to know water. What would you recommend and how would I get it. Thanks. Stan Zimmerman


Big Horn County Wyoming over 3 years ago

OFDA 2000 or OFDA 100

Which of these two would be appropriate to send money for the analysis of our wool. We are in Wyoming. Thanks you. Carl Nielsen and Dee Dryer


Big Horn County Wyoming over 2 years ago

home garden soil

We want to ammend and improve our soil in our home garden. First, I heard that we could have our soil tested by you to see its current condition. Is that true. Also, what do you recommend we add to the garden to break up the clay. We currently compost grass, leaves, and chicken manure and add that in the spring, but would like to ammend it further.


Big Horn County Wyoming soil gardening garden over 6 years ago

ground cover

Which ground cover do you suggest for my fenced in bushes? Some are in full sun and some are partially shaded. I do not want it too evasive, like vetch. The shorter the better.

We now have a tall ugly bunch pasture grass that is hard to dig up in those areas

W hat about? a Creeping Thyme, Myrtle or a micro clover?

Zone 3 - !/2 mile from the Big Horn Mt - West side


Big Horn County Wyoming groundcovers horticulture over 4 years ago

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