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Weld County CO almost 2 years ago

1-2" wide and approx. 1.5" deep holes in lawn all over, the lawn turns yellow, a lot of aqua helps

1-2" holes in lawn, approx. 1.5" deep, no mounds, help!

Weld County CO about 2 years ago

BROWN and dying

We have several large Austrian Pines and one has recently, quickly turned brown. It is not needling...it has some green in the needles but is mostly browning. I have had it suggested that it might be a fungus as they have seen many in the area showing similar signs. No one has been out to look at it, but just by description is what they thought. Does that sound right and is there something we can do to save the tree? I'm not sure of who to have come look at it. We live in Frederick, CO and my local nursery has no tree expert on site. Thank you.

Weld County CO over 6 years ago

termanation of live in aide for a disabled person or let bygones be bygones.

a live in aide is almost an employee even if they are not compesated and are not required to pay rent. if unfair practices occur the aide may terminate the agreement but an officer told me that even if there is unsafe living conditions for the disabled the disabled person has to file with the courts to evict the live in aide. why cant the disabled not also be able to terminate the arrangement ? at will? when hud states that they have no right to live here when the tenant termainates the dwelling? i shouldnt have to give up my place just for them to leave? there should be rights of the tenant if the caregiver has threatened the disabled person why do the police policy not protect the disabled person? instead side with the aide in landlord tenant rights? the live in aide has been given a evaluation months before on attitude towards the disabled person needs improvement or termaination and aide would have to move. the officer told me i would have to take it up with housing authority, even when told i had a letter stating i could remover aide from lease. they await all night because aide theatened disabled bodly harm while sleeping. aide has been asked to talk about whats bothering them yet puts off conversation. they would only act if bodly harm happened besides being slapped upside the back of the head, lighter thrown at disabled person breaking screen of computer. etc. officers need training in this area to serve and protect. in my opinion. a sleepless night in colorado, bulging disc in lower back bothering me, and tired of f** off attitude from aide. hate to lose a friendship but its hard to rebuild trust when aide dont seem to care. and expects dishes to be done when it gives me great pain to stand for even 5 minutes. have numerous times tried to conversate with aide only to be told to shut up. friend or foe? meanwhile nothing is done to protect me and my belongings disapearing slowly while i suffer without funds for a decient meal.why should she and her friends live high on the hog while i suffer?we havent even dated in her opionion.yet she and her friends expect the royal treatment with out a title.or a relationship status? be careful when not using an agency the aide reports to like a family member or short term friend. anc check how quickly they can respond in case of an emergency. and find out about tenant and even occupant laws. and rights once they have gained entrance and trust. what kind of bird is this?? i think its a golddigger


Weld County CO 7 months ago

Creating a link between Excel and Drake Accounting Software.


The company I work for is currently using Drake Accounting Software. It's a tax preparation software. Lately we have been trying to find ways to get access to the data in Drake and send that to excel so that we can use it for analytical purposes. I tried asking Drake if it is possible to do an API integration with excel, but they said no and they don't have open API documentation so it would be hard for another company to do it. What would you recommend as the best way to get read-only access to the data in Drake? Do you think it would be realistic to ask the developers at Drake to allow us to have read-only access?

I am by no means an expert so I apologize if the phrasing is wrong.


Weld County CO about 3 years ago

Shade tree

Looking for a shade tree for my back yard. My back yard has a west exposer. Very hot in afternoon. We're from Michigan and had Mochino cherry . The same ones in Washington DC. Is there something similar? The soil is pretty compact. I live in Johnstown Co. Thanks, Mike Trapp


Weld County CO over 3 years ago

Fresh air intake fan in new home

The exhaust fan in our laundry room runs at a slow speed, 24x7, even when the switch is off. If you turn on the switch, it runs faster. The builder said the fan runs continuously to draw in fresh air, since the house is so well-sealed.

If the house is tightly sealed, how is air drawn in when the negative pressure is created by the slow-running fan? Would there be an intake pipe somewhere?

Also, we sometimes leave the house for 3-4 weeks at a time. Is there any downside to turning off the 24x7 fan while we’re gone?



Weld County CO over 3 years ago

lilac hedge growth

In the fall of 2016 my lilac hedge was damaged by an automobile. I use the hedge as a landscaping feature for their beauty and as a windbreak and tumbleweed catcher. The hedge runs north to south, is exposed to a mile plus of open prairie and has a great view of the continental divide, the wind howls! The hedge is now 100 feet long and 5 foot tall. It was planted as many short plants 24 years ago. Watering in last decade has been on an as needed basis using drip or soaker hose. The crash affected about 25 feet of the hedge. It snapped a lot of the tall canes, bent over and uprooted some other tall canes and left the remaining tall canes scraped and bent. As I talk to the drivers' insurance company, we can not agree on 1) how quickly the remaining short canes, 24 inch 'suckers', of the hedge will put on height 2) how many seasons will it take the suckers to flower 3) how long it will take new, large container grown plants to put on the 18 inches of height to match the existing 4) how to estimate the price of the time this growth will take 5) how much labor can be expected to get new plants to naturalize and the suckers to prosper. Would a better solution than a few large 15 gallon container plants be many smaller balled in burlap plants that could be interspersed amongst the suckers? Thanks Dean


Weld County CO over 3 years ago

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