Wayne County, West Virginia

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Please check these spots on Ivy leaf.

Please check if it is sunburn or Leafspot. This Ivy plant is grown in direct sunlight. I water the plant thrice a week.


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Wayne County WV 4 months ago

What is this?

My little boy brought this home from school in the mix of mothers day flowers he bought and we have no idea what it is.



Wayne County WV almost 5 years ago

Tiny yellow bugs

After sitting on my in laws porch for about an hour, I realized I had tiny yellow bugs crawling on me. Yuck!! What could they be??



Wayne County WV over 5 years ago


We planted Yukon gold potatoes last year, and they done great but taste like dirt. I mean truthfully!! What is going on with that? and what can be done about this? Thanks so much, Susan K Rice


Wayne County WV about 7 years ago

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