Raleigh County, West Virginia

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What are these flowers?

These photos were taken in West Virginia. Can you tell me what they are? Thanks


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Raleigh County WV over 4 years ago

Brown Recluse?

I live in southern WV and I found this spider in my bath tub last night. I caught it and threw it off the balcony. I didnt harm it. I always try to save spiders but after researching, I'm wondering if this may be a brown recluse and do i need to spray? I have a 5-year old in the house.


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Raleigh County WV over 2 years ago

Hi, I had a question. My brother recently received a dog, which he was told...

Hi, I had a question. My brother recently received a dog, which he was told was a wolf/malamute mix. The dog is very well mannered, has a great temperament and acts like any other dog, aside from the fact that he rarely barks and has an eery howl. I think this dog is beautiful, and my mother plans to breed him with her purebred German Shepherd so that I can have a puppy (she will give away the rest.) However, after looking online, I'm a little concerned about how wise this mix would be.. apparently dogs with too much wolf heritage mixed with GSD have terrible temperaments, and can be unpredictable. If my brother's dog looks like a wolf, but acts more like a dog, would you say his physical wolf traits are more malamute, and breeding him with a well tempered GSD will be fine? I want to make sure this is a safe thing to do before proceeding. Please see attached photos of said dog. Thank you. (Also- the GSD in the pics is the dog we plan to breed with the wolf mix, once she is at the appropriate age- we are aware she is too young to breed at this time.)


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Raleigh County WV almost 6 years ago

What bug?

Can you tell me what bug this is? I live in Beckley, WV, and this was on the door of my jeep yesterday. When it flew away, it didn't seem like a very strong or fast flier.

I asked the What is this bug group on Facebook, and they didn't know, so they referred me to you.



Raleigh County WV over 4 years ago

What is this shrub?

I saw this shrub in great abundance recently in West Virginia and am wondering what it is. I am sending two photos of it. I am also sending one photo of a yellow flower that I would like to know the name of.



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Raleigh County WV over 5 years ago

Can I recan green beans that didn't seal correctly?

I canned some green beans but the gauge on the pressure cooker wasn't working. I used the weighted method, but wasn't sure if it worked, so I put the beans in the fridge. Can I now (two days later) reprocess those green beans? I have purchased a new pressure canner and the gauge works.


Raleigh County WV 7 months ago

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