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Bites all over legs and some on arms and feet

So I noticed first my daughter itching her head but nothing was in her hair then I noticed a bite or two on myself no bugs tho I checked the whole bed then the next night I had bug bites all over my legs my daughter only had a few and now they are on my feet and arms my daughter has a few on her face and I have seen little yellow larvae things in her hair now I did find some strange larvae on the bed will show in pictures please help the itching is terrible I use Sarna and extreme cortisone itch cream I feel like I’m always getting bit but the bites are growing a lot In numbers and when I itch them I think they multiply I live in the woods no neighbors in wv I was thinking maybe carpet beetles because of some of the things I have found scrubbed bedroom top to bottom where I am getting bit


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Preston County WV almost 2 years ago

Chicken of the woods.

What does the underside of chicken of the woods mushroom look like?


Preston County WV over 6 years ago

colt getting enough to eat

our 5 day old miniture colt is eating every 10- 15 minutes is he getting enough to eat ? this is her first colt that has lived.


Preston County WV almost 8 years ago

What is this fossil?

I found it in gravel and I've never seen anything like it it has a really golden metallic look. I can't find a single thing on it.



Preston County WV almost 4 years ago

We have three Viburnum bushes planted in a row just off the front porch;...

We have three Viburnum bushes planted in a row just off the front porch; approx 5 years; 2500 ft elevation; partial sun. The tag on the bushes when purchased included a photo of a bush with flowers, but these three have never bloomed. Any thoughts? I'd love to have blooms and that wonderful fragrance in the spring.


Preston County WV over 7 years ago

I was wondering what type of plant this wss

Could someone please tell me what type plant this is



Preston County WV over 4 years ago

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