Nicholas County, West Virginia

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pressure canning mushrooms--faulty canner gasket

Pressure canned mushrooms per book. Seal would not seal properly. Jars did seal. Now, with new gasket, and 2 days later, I want to pressure again. Do I need to loosen flats, or can I simply put in pressure canner and seal as always per pressure and time for the total time as per book?


Nicholas County WV almost 4 years ago

Space requirements for Japanese quail

What is the cage size (sq feet per bird) when Raising Japanese quail for commerical egg and meat production.


Nicholas County WV 7 months ago


My Rocky Mountain gelding, RJ, is a cribber. He is so bad that he has recently started trying to crib on me! I've tried cribbing collars, motor oil everything, but nothing works! What do I do?


Nicholas County WV about 6 years ago

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