Morgan County, West Virginia

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I found several ladybugs on my wall near the dusk to dawn light. They have their wings spread open and they are dead, as though something ate them. Any ideas what would do this? Thanks Al


Morgan County WV 7 months ago

ginkgo tree

I have a ten year old ginkgo tree that appears in good health; tall and straight with many healthy leaves. It is in full sun and is not crowded by other plants/trees. There are growths on the bark that look like lichens. I am in need of guidance on this one! Thanks Al


Morgan County WV 7 months ago

Stink Bugs

What lures or traps are available to keep tons of stink bugs out of my house this Spring/Summer?. It has been an exhausting non stop battle. I want to enjoy my home this year.


Morgan County WV almost 7 years ago

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