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Chinese Chestnut trees don't produce nuts

I have three 50+ years old Chinese chestnut trees in my yard. they form a triangle, with about 40ft-10ft-35ft apart to each other. One tree had some nuts last year but I only saw maybe 5-10 nuts this year from all the three trees. What could be the problem and what should I do to make them produce next year?


Monongalia County WV about 4 years ago

Harvesting Asparagus

I have a well established asparagus bed. This year many of the new spears are very thin ( less than pencil diameter), unlike previous years when most spears were 3/8" diam. or larger. Two questions; 1) should I pick these spindly spears or let them grow, and 2) what might have caused this - a dryer than normal spring?


Monongalia County WV almost 5 years ago

suddenly yellowing arborvitae

It's Sept in WV, zone 6, and I just discovered that 3 of my 7 mature arborvitae in back yard are suddenly turning yellow dying from the branches out and at least 1 seems obviously a goner. They're planted in a row and the 3 yellowing ones border the more shaded side of the lawn under the neighbor's large oak. The lawn is well drained but these trees are located toward but not in the edge of the yard where water stood this year after too much rain and took a day to drain. They'd been extra healthy after a transplant last fall and 2 applications of Holly-Tone fertilizer 6 mos apart. I have 5 other arborvitae elsewhere in my yard and all are doing well. We've had an exceedingly wet summer and only lately had warm dry summer fall. I haven't tried anything yet. Is there something I can do to save my trees? I love them. Thanks!


Monongalia County WV over 7 years ago

are these spinach

Some greens came out in my garden when the weather cooled down. Are they spinach?



Monongalia County WV about 4 years ago


What kind of spider is this


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Monongalia County WV over 1 year ago

As I drove from WV to Columbus recently I noticed large fields covered with a...

As I drove from WV to Columbus recently I noticed large fields covered with a yellow crop. Is that a winter cover crop waiting to be tilled under? If so, what is it and what are its benefits? It is beautiful!


Monongalia County WV over 2 years ago

best shrubs for a new large planting in spring

After removing 20 Juniper shrubs that are at least 30 years old, I will be planting approx. 20 new shrubs in the spring. I am wanting a dense, evergreen hedge to grow to be 4-5 feet tall. I would like for the shrub to be somewhat fast growing. Deer are a problem. I am interested in planting Manhattan Euonymus but do not see this shrub planted in my area. Also considering holly. I live in northern West Virginia which is zone 6. The area of planting receives 4-5 hours of sunshine per day. Any suggestions, please.


Monongalia County WV about 5 years ago

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