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Canning Pinto Beans

I can a lot of Pinto Beans and I have always used a small piece of salt pork or ham in each jar. I know several other bean recipes use meat so I saw no reason not to add it to my pintos. I was recently told by someone that I should not add it to my Pinto Beans because it did not say to do so in the instructions for canning dry beans on NCHFP site. Can you tell me if it is safe. I put a small piece in each pint jar and I have plenty of liquid. I pressure can them for 75 minutes at 10 pounds pressure for pints. I soak them 12 to 18 hours and boil 30 minutes before putting into the jars. The meat gives the beans a good flavor and I prefer using it, but want to verify it is safe to add it to dry beans when canning them.


Mingo County WV over 5 years ago

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