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I have a dozen blueberry bushes to transplant, they’re about 3 years old, and...

I have a dozen blueberry bushes to transplant, they’re about 3 years old, and haven’t done well in their current location. I’m moving them to a sunnier location. I tested the soil in the new location and it has an acidity of 6.5. I can’t wait until next year to lower the acidity of my soil to 5.0. Can I work the sulfur into my soil and move my blueberries in a couple of weeks?


Mason County WV almost 6 years ago

solar farm

I got a leasing company interested in long term lease to put solar panels across 300 acres of my prime farm land they are asking for at least 30yrs with two 5 year adders lease term how much should I be getting per acre rent per year most of ground fairly flat with some rolling hills mostly flat all is tillable ?


Mason County WV 12 months ago


What type of mushroom ? Does it have medicinal uses? Is it edable?


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Mason County WV over 4 years ago


I am doing a report on disinfecting in child care facilities and elementary schools. I am looking for information concerning the connection between a clean learning environment and cognitive/physical child development. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Mason County WV over 3 years ago

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