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Can't figure out this plant

I got it as a seedling for Earth day but there was no tag on it. It has a vine like stem, that is browning and is relatively large. Right now, it is about 12 on tall. Any ideas what it might be?



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Marion County WV over 4 years ago


Is this a type of honeysuckle plant? If not, what is it?



Marion County WV almost 5 years ago

What do I need to add?

My soil test showed the results but nothing about what the soil lacks or has too much of.


Marion County WV about 4 years ago

Why is my sequoia turning brown?

My sequoia is 11 yrs old and has been growing outside for the past 5 yrs. During the outside growing years it has done well and had been healthy. After a very dry winter last year and extremely hot and dry summer this year the tree is showing severe brown and dying branches from the bottom up. There was some new green growth in near the trunk, but now it is turning brown. I did water it in the late fall to no avail. Now that winter is here I'm afraid it will not survive. I grew it from a seedling, and would hate to lose it. I live in North central West Virginia. Any advice would be appreciated.


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Marion County WV 3 months ago

Black slime mold in my yard

Black slime mold in my yard Will it hurt my dog if he eats it.this is where they go out to use the bathroom.iam Preston West Virginia


Marion County WV over 2 years ago

Fungus on tree

I have an old fashioned dogwood tree. It has a green hard covering on several branches. Under that the tree has died. What is it and how do I treat it? Please help me save my tree! I have included several pictures of the tree and the limbs. Some of the tree befor and after the damage. any help would be appreciated. thank you

Sandy Fenton


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Marion County WV over 6 years ago

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