McDowell County, West Virginia

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Can you tell me what kind of spider this is?

Can you tell me what kind of spider this is? ive lived here 20+s years and have never once seen any. Its black and white and kind of looks like a scorpion KIND OF its backside moves forward when something gets near it. Its really small like smaller then the size of a pea. The web was super hard to bring down ( it was on my swing) I took a piece of paper and moved it cause I didnt want to kill it. ( In our family we don't kill nothing we dont eat lol ) Not sure if where i live will help but im from the southern part of McDowell, West Virginia. Really just want to know if its dangerous or not. I have children. And wont have poisonous spiders running around lol. Thank yall so much. hope yall have a great day.



McDowell County WV over 6 years ago

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