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We tore up an dead butterfly bush and then this showed up. Has red berries. Do you know what it is?


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Kanawha County WV 9 months ago

What is this.

Came in a seed pouch that was labeled marigolds. Does not look like marigolds!


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Kanawha County WV over 4 years ago

Small Round Yellow Leaves on Hydrangea

My hydrangea has new normal smooth green leaves, but lower on the same stems are small rounded yellowish-white leaves. So far no blooms. Is this a sign of a disease?

Last summer, this plant had only two deep pink flowers. The preceding year, the leaves were beautiful, but there were no flowers. What do I need to do? I have three new hydrangea plants, I don't want them to become diseased. One white, one pink, the other blue. What do I need to do to the soil to keep the colors as they are?


Kanawha County WV almost 8 years ago

Odd bird on suet cake today

Today is 12/26/2016 in Charleston WV. This morning I saw what looked like a teeny, tiny pileated woodpecker on the suet cake cage. I thought it was some kind of weird hummingbird, but again note the date, and when it flew away it flew like a regular sparrow or other small bird. It had the markings EXACTYLY like a pileated woodpecker with full, mature feathers except, like I said, it was maybe a 1/2 - 3/4 of an inch larger than the average hummingbird we get in the summer. We do have several types of woodpeckers who come, but this thing was teeny. I have searched nine ways to Sunday pictures of baby woodpeckers but all the pictures of baby pileated wood peckers that would be the size of the bird I saw were still in the nest, being fed, and not at all well feathered. I will keep an eye out for its return and try to get pictures, but just imagine a pileated wood pecker the size of a hummingbird and that is what it looked like.


Kanawha County WV about 4 years ago

Ball can’t get mouse down throat

My ball python likes to sometimes eat mice butt first. She has currently been trying to get a mouse down her throat for the last 3.5 HRs. It looks like the mouse became balled up in her throat and she can’t get it down. Any suggestions?


Kanawha County WV about 1 year ago

Unknown vegetable plant

This started growing up our fence rapidly last summer and has come back this year. The photos are from last year. The plant did come up a little distance from a couple cucumber plants that I planted the year prior. Any clue what this is? Thank you!


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Kanawha County WV over 6 years ago

Pampas Grass

What type of grass is in the photos attached? I was told it was pampas grass, but I am starting to question whether it is or not. I bought it relatively small last month and it is currently about 3ft tall. I tried to get the best photos that I could. Thank you.


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Kanawha County WV over 6 years ago

where can i buy horse hay in charleston wv area?

where can i buy horse hay in charleston wv area?


Kanawha County WV almost 8 years ago

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