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Can you tell me what this plant is? Thanks.

Can you tell me what this plant is? Thanks.



Jefferson County WV over 4 years ago

Curling, deformed growth

I live in Baltimore City. But I garden at our week-end house 10 miles south of Harper's Ferry, W.V. Starting about a month ago, I observed curling deformed growth on the top growth of my small sunflowers, on new leaves of my forsythia, on zinnias, and even on milkweed plants. I will attach photos below. Any idea what this is? And most importantly, how to prevent it coming back next year? Thanks,


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Jefferson County WV over 5 years ago

What should I be doing and not doing to attract, protect, and support monarch...

What should I be doing and not doing to attract, protect, and support monarch butterflies


Jefferson County WV over 6 years ago

Is my red dog wood tree dead ?

Is my red dog wood tree dead ? It lost all of its leaves and the branches seam to be dead but new leaves are growing on the main trunk can you please tell me if it is dead or if it is still alive and what to do please and thank you


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Jefferson County WV 5 months ago

why are the leaves and branches on my apple and cherry dying

I have an apple and cherry tree that have suddenly started looking like they are dying. Leaves began to turn Brown in late spring on the apple and now suddenly the cherry tree appears to be doing the same. The apple tree had spots where the bark looks like it is splitting and peeling and the cherry has developed cankers and is oozing a red sap. At the same time a large maple tree in the same area is dropping leaves like crazy. It is mid june in wv and none of the fruit trees produced fruit this year. What's up?


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Jefferson County WV over 4 years ago

Corn-lookalike weed


I am having a large problem with a weed that has invaded my yard. It looks slightly like corn, (when the corn is first growing) and grows very rapidly. After mowing the lawn, in 2 days or less, this weed has grown about 3 inches higher than the lawn, having the appearance of stubble. This weed grows in other places around my property, too, and reaches a height of about 4 feet tall, if allowed to grow.
I have tried killing the weed by repeatedly mowing close to the ground, and by using a leading lawn weed killer containing 2, 4-D, mecoprop-p, and dicamba, but these methods don't work. I think a glyphosate-based product probably would kill this weed, but I don't want to kill my lawn. Would sulfentrazone possibly work?
I live in an agricultural/estate area, and have seen this weed growing at the edge of corn fields, but have not seen the weed in generally more suburban areas. Also, I believe that the weed is a monocot, due to not being affected by the 2, 4-D, and possibly a perennial, as it grows back in the same places as in previous years, if that helps.


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Jefferson County WV over 7 years ago

Transplanting bulbs

I have daffodil bulbs and currently blooming allium bulbs that I need to move now. Will they survive? Any special instructions on moving them? Thanks in advance!


Jefferson County WV almost 5 years ago

organic methods to kill hairy vetch other than crimping

I'm a non-certified organic farmer and I have a half acre stand of hairy vetch that I need to kill before planting pumpkins and winter squash. Do you know if there have been trials to determine if flame killing hairy vetch is an effective method? If not, do you know if there are any studies on effective organic post emergergent herbicides such as Axxe or 20% vinegar? I dont have a crimper and I wouldnt be opposed to crimping the vetch manually by walking on it with a board but I was wondering if there are easier methods. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


Jefferson County WV almost 7 years ago

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