Hampshire County, West Virginia

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grain production/ acre

Any ideas of what corn production/acre to expect on 85-110 ac. of bottom land.


Hampshire County WV almost 5 years ago


Hello, I have some land in Romney and interested in trying Hugelkultur as I have some steep sloops. I have never tried this before and I am a new gardener. Can you point me to a person who is doing this or has knowledge to share? Thank you, Winnie


Hampshire County WV almost 7 years ago

Invasive plants

Can you recommend the best way for me to eradicate the chameleon plants that are taking over my garden and that threaten to continue on to devour the nearby woods?


Hampshire County WV over 7 years ago

Snake identity

Can you please tell me what kind of snake this is? I found it in my yard. I have pets and am concerned about it possibly being poisonous. Thank you Rhonda


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Hampshire County WV 10 months ago

What is this red flower climbing vine plant ?

This red flower vine was growing up a tree.



Hampshire County WV over 4 years ago

Caring for flower gardens

I live on several acres and have many gardens to tend. What is the best way to manage weeds? I use weed barrier but I still get weeds. As well, I have fruit trees and grapes. The Japanese beetles destroy them by August. What is the best way to solve this issue?


Hampshire County WV almost 8 years ago

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