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Employment Opportunities

Hi, Where can I find a list of Employment Opportunities for Pennsylvania Agriculture Extension Education? Thank you, Jeff Lee


Greenbrier County WV almost 5 years ago

a small surprise in my strawberry bin

im a first time gardener growing strawberry plants in a plastic bin. when i checked on my strawberry plants- they are perky and growing well. then i saw a strange plant growing also. It has a very thin cap and thin stem. could it be a small mushroom, and if it is how can i tell what kind it is and whether its poisonous or not. I transplanted it into another container and would like to see what it grows into. Any advice will be greatly appreciated! thanks!


Greenbrier County WV about 8 years ago

Cloning Ginseng?

I was wondering if you could clone Ginseng by taking a "prong" dipping it in rooting solution or cut the stock of the plant near the base and using the same process could you possibly clone a plant? Therefore you would still have the root mass left the mother that would come up the next year and you will be left with the mother and and clone?


Greenbrier County WV about 6 years ago

Lilac tree borer in Sept

My grandmother's lilac tree which is over 20 ft tall has bark shredding off of it. I noticed holes in the lower area and what I thought was a wasp but now no is a borer. I read you cannot treat what's already in the bark. What can I do now to try to keep them out and prevent them from eventually killing her tree. It is September and they are still going in the tree.


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Greenbrier County WV 6 months ago

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