Fayette County, West Virginia

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Early Tomato Blight

Please, please, give me the name of the best fungacide I can use in my soil for the worst tomato blight I've ever experienced. I want something I can treat the soil with all fall or spring, before planting next spring. Only plant 6-12 plants a year, can't plant nowhere else, and have used home remedies & a fungicide, removed dead leaves, etc, with only worsening conditions. Help!


Fayette County WV over 7 years ago

Is it edible?

What kind of bush has leaves and berries like this and are they edible? The leaves are smooth on the edges that starts out tapered and gets wide near the top.


Berries_300x300%2523 Berries2_300x300%2523

Fayette County WV over 3 years ago

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