Boone County, West Virginia

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Whats wrong with my plants?

I have an indoor, verticall wall garden. Here in this garden i grow herbs. So far i have 3 herbs. Basil, lemon balm, and chocolate mint. I have a grow light (this grow light is not full spectrum) that i turn on of the nights, i turn this light on sometime/anytime in between 8 and 9:00 in the evening,, and i turn it off at 5:00 in the morning in the morning. On weekends, i turn the light on at about 2 or 3:00 in the morning, and i turn it off at about 11 or 12:00. My basil plant, the leaves are shriviling up, and dying. The stems are turning blackish/brown, and this blackish/brown rot is going up the stem. My lemon balm plant, the edge of the leaves are turning brown. Even the young leaves are turning brown and crispy. My chocolate mint plant. The leaves are grownig extreamly small, and hardly growing. Ive tried harvesting and pruning the leaves on all of these plants to promote growth. Nothing helped. Whats wrong with them? Am i not watering them correctly? If not, when do i water these plants. Do they need actual sun? (The reason i grow them insode is because i have no where to put these plants. Their pots wont go on my windows, or the portch.) Should i start over with fresh store bought dirt? (I got the dirt from my old outside garden) whats some things i can do and what am i doing wrong? What would you reccomend and suggest? The garden is a pallet. Where black pots are perfectly placed. I turn the grow light on the very top on every night. The one on the side i dont plan to use yet.



Boone County WV over 4 years ago

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