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animal keeping certification

Where and how do I obtain an "animal keeping" certificate from the WSU extension program so I can have a small goat in the city of Spokane. How much will this cost? Council just passed new law on March 25th 2014 allowing urban farming! (Need the Certificate) asap)


Spokane County Washington almost 6 years ago

Hello! I have a Copacabana Pepper plant that is doing well in my garden,...

Hello! I have a Copacabana Pepper plant that is doing well in my garden, something I bought from a local nursery. However, I can find nothing online about this pepper! I don't know where it falls on the Scoville scale and thus no idea what to expect when I bite into it. Any chance you can help before I take the plunge?



Spokane County Washington fruits and vegetables gardening horticulture over 6 years ago

What was the cause of its death

Our ball python recently passed away when we were asleep, however before we noticed that she was raising her head up at a 90° angle and was not relaxing. We did some research and found out that it might be a virus. Do you know what happened to her?


Spokane County Washington ball python diseases and treatment python regius 7 months ago


Do deer like the leaves. Have a start to plant?


Spokane County Washington deer over 3 years ago


What do you do with the daylily plant after it has stopped blooming. We have a large area of lilies in our yard and once they bloomed, (only once we think they must be very old plants) the foliage has lay down and the plants look worn out. Is there something we or do now that they are thru blooming or needed to do earlier. Should the plants be thinned out?


Spokane County Washington flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials over 3 years ago

What kind of plant is this?

And what care does it need?



Spokane County Washington horticulture plant identification over 3 years ago

What type of fir

What type of fir?



Spokane County Washington trees and shrubs fir plant identification over 3 years ago

What flower is this?

What flower is this? It's in a greenhouse.


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Spokane County Washington plant identification bromeliad over 3 years ago

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