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Weed identification

Seeking identification and removal method of weed infesting our Long Beach Peninsula lot. Growing close to ground in sparse lawn over sand, full sun exposure, spreads in circular pattern. Roots seem to be crawling just below ground cover. New growth is green short liner leaves, under growth browner. Produces needle sharp seeds found mostly at bottom of plant cluster or on base of liner sections. Spiked seeds stick to auto tires, bottom of shoes, feet fingers, pet paws. Looking to remove this nasty weed and replant area with healthy turf to keep it from re-establishing.


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Pacific County Washington over 4 years ago

Growing Grapes at the Coast

We have mature grape vines growing in Surfside/Ocean Park on the Long Beach Peninsula. The vines are healthy and put out fruit. However the grapes are not sweet or ripe. We have just taken out a tree to get them more sun. Is there anything else I can do? What fertilizer do you recommend?


Pacific County Washington almost 6 years ago

Unrcognized garden pest

The leaves on my cherry tree are being eaten between the veins by a small pest. Looks like a slug in that it is slimy/shiny but is the shape of a small tadpoll and about 1/2". They are a shiny black in color.


Pacific County Washington over 5 years ago

Cherry tree fungus

I have a cherry tree that has a white moss or fungus (so I've been told) growing on the cherry tree in my front yard. It has almost killed the tree and I would like to know 1) how to get rid of said fungus and save the tree and 2) if the tree will survive if I prune it back almost into a tall stump.


Pacific County Washington about 6 years ago

fast growing trees for zone 4 coast

I want to get trees that grow quickly but also out and keep their leaves and or needles throughout the year.


Pacific County Washington almost 6 years ago

Moss growing on Spruce and Cedar trees

Is it a problem to have moss growing on Spruce and Cedar trees? We are on the Long Beach Peninsula. If so, should we have it removed?


Pacific County Washington over 7 years ago

Gray Aphid Control

Hi, I am planning to overwinter kale, sprouting broccoli, and some other cool weather crops, and am wondering what the best ways are to prevent and control gray aphids. I've had success in the past with spreading out the plants to provide good air flow, but am still starting to see some pretty heavy infestations on some plants this year. I'm interested in sticking to organic methods. What advice to you have?


Pacific County Washington over 3 years ago

safe pruning time for apple trees

Each year I look forward to pruning our apple trees. Prior to our residence, the trees were severely lacking in care. Since I have been actively pruning them for the last 4 years, they have been doing very well, with the last two years producing the greatest in size and quantity of fruit. The research I've looked into cautions against pruning during a 'wet period' and/ or a 'cold period' due to the possibility of the trees being susceptible to fungus and cold shock. Based on these recommendations, I usually try to prune the trees in late winter, during Feb. when the trees are still dormant, however, the weather is usually unpredictable, and it's difficult to find a 'stretch' of weather conducive to these conditions. Last year, I finally got to prune them in Late March when conditions were more favorable, during the time when I like to plant our garden. I want the trees to put the most energy into producing fruit, and with the continual yearly pruning of the 'sucker branches', they look very healthy and beautiful. To continue to maintain the health of the trees, I have a couple of questions: 1.)if a 3 or 4 day window of sunny weather, no precip, would be sufficient for the trees to 'heal' over after pruning - day temps at 50 degrees and night temps between 34 - 38? 2.)if during that period of time, the evening temps dropped down to freezing, a little below, or just above freezing, if that would cause the trees to experience 'cold shock'? 3. if the trees were exposed to a 'little rain or mist' a day or two after pruning, would they be susceptible to fungus? To summarize my questions, after pruning fruit trees, generally, here in S.W. Washington, at approximately what low temperatures should I start to worry about pruning to prevent cold shock and how much precipitation should I be concerned about the trees being exposed to post pruning to prevent fungus? (hopefully that makes sense) I see some of the locals pruning in Dec. during wet and cold weather periods, however I don't see whether or not their trees produce much fruit. If you could let me know what your 'expertise opinion' is, I would greatly appreciate it. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you very much, and have a great day. Sean


Pacific County Washington about 6 years ago

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