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Cherry, plum, Apple trees

I live in Hayden,CO. What do I need to treat these trees with to minimize insect problems, and what time of year/ bloom ? Apples are very nice big well established trees. Others are 6 footers planted this fall. Also, with the unseasonably warm winter/spring, is there anything that can be sprayed on trees to retard budding until frosting subsides? Thank you


Routt County Colorado trees and shrubs almost 5 years ago

Pest Control

We are over run with Chipmunks! Any suggestions on “Control”


Routt County Colorado over 1 year ago

Are there people who will help trim sheep hooves?

I am a new sheep owner and when I got the sheep, their hooves were overgrown. Being new with sheep, I'm unsure exactly what they should look like and so am hesitant to do it myself. I've tried a couple times but always get scared I'm going to cut too much a hurt them. Is there someone a person can hire to do it once and then I'd have a baseline? Do shearers do it?


Routt County Colorado 5 months ago

Different restrictions for grazing and haying?

I'm trying to figure out why some herbicides can be grazed right away, but have a wait period on haying. For example, I am reading that Picloram has no grazing withdrawal, but a 14 day restriction on haying. Unless I'm reading that wrong? Any thoughts on why this would be?


Routt County Colorado about 2 years ago

Follow Up Question "Gardener Alert! Beware of Herbicide- Contaminated Compost and Manure"

My understanding from reading the Milestone packaging is that it is illegal for the hay or manure to leave the property that Milestone was used on without being specifically labeled. Is this correct? Is there any attempt to punish those contaminating compost through illegal activity (i.e. pesticide applicators not following the label)?


Routt County Colorado about 2 years ago

Soil analysis

I would like to have my soil tested. Where would I take my sample for testing? I am going to create a new garden area and would like to know what amendments I need. I am at 7900 feet elevation.


Routt County Colorado soil and fertility issues over 3 years ago

Land owner rights - Routt County

Can a subdivision of 34, 35 acre ranchettes use by-laws to limit commercial pig farms within the subdivision? If so, can you help with the proper language?


Routt County Colorado 6 months ago

When should I plant my strawberry plants?

I live north of Steamboat Springs at 8,100 ft. What time of year should i plant strawberries? Are Ogallala and Ft Laramie the best varieties for my area?


Routt County Colorado fruits and vegetables over 3 years ago

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