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dispose soil after late blight on tomatoes ??

after removing the plant is it necessary to remove the soil from the raised bed as well ? or can it be treated and re-used ?


Grays Harbor County Washington 5 months ago

I have a horse that has 'weak quarters'.

I have a Quarter Horse gelding with weak quarters on both front legs. He has been shod and now I see cracks going from the back of the heel area moving down towards the toe. How do I treat this issue? Is there a supplement that I can feed to help the hoof wall grow out better? He has been in the pasture during the day, and in the barn at night. Some of the pasture has standing water, should I keep him in a high/dry area where his hoofs do not come in contact with standing water?
Thank you.


Grays Harbor County Washington about 8 years ago

Temperature for planting grass

I am wanting to plant a turfgrass mixture this weekend (Sept 24) and have a question concerning temperature. Alec K. wrote in a previuous answer: “If you are selecting a turfgrass mixture 65 degrees is a good bet”.

It looks like our daytime temperatures will be averaging around the mid to low 60s for the next few weeks. But evening temperatures will be in the 50s and as low as 45 degrees on some nights.

Will the cold evening temps cause any problems with germination?


Grays Harbor County Washington over 4 years ago

4-h leader

how do i make a password iput in new but it wont let me make one


Grays Harbor County Washington over 5 years ago

What kind

I never saw this plant where we live before



Grays Harbor County Washington over 4 years ago

Why do kiwi needs so much room?

I want to grow Kiwi, Arguta varieties and/or others and I need to know why they need so much room. Is it because the vines are so long? Does the root system need that much space? I ask because I have limited space and I plan to try to grow 4 varieties just to see if I can grow them all and to have a variety of ripening times and fruit shapes and flavors. I was thinking of trying to use a 4'x4' planter up to 4' deep partially buried in the ground. 1 planter at each end of a 20 foot long trellis system. 4 female plants would be in each planter, 1 of each variety. In a 3rd planter would be the male plants, likely one of each to match the female plants. Maybe 2 planters with 2 male species in each. All of them would be trellised onto the same apparatus. I know it has to be very strong but I don't think I will have a problem handling that aspect. Does this sound like it is a possible successful scenario or am I going to need a LOT more room for the root systems of each plant? Can you recommend varieties for me to grow that I should have the best chance to have success if I do everything the best I can to accommodate the Kiwi's needs? I have read the article on your web site about Kiwi so if that should work for me up here then I have all the information I need about which ones to choose and how to care for them.


Grays Harbor County Washington over 7 years ago

Native alternative

I need a plant that is easy will help reduce erosion and invasive blackberries. Maximum height 25' as it is to grow under a power line easement. The area is often saturated from the fresh water tidal influence. They keep cutting the native willows that would otherwise do an excellent job.



Grays Harbor County Washington over 6 years ago

White Moths

We have an infestation of white moths around the eaves of our garage. I seem to remember there was a warning about them last fall...they are starting to hatch. I live in Hoquiam, Washington. Is there anywhere local I can talk to about this? How do we get rid of/kill them?


Grays Harbor County Washington almost 8 years ago

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