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Kill Himalayan blackberry near stream

I live in Ariel Washington right next to speelyai Creek what herbicide can I use to kill blackberry bushes the entire backyard is invaded with this The Vines are enormous they're probably 20 feet high 20 ft thick and probably 40 or 50 ft long what can I use to kill it blackberry bushes don't ask me what kind is just blackberry bushes


Cowlitz County Washington 5 months ago

air layering

I would like to know if I can air layer my fruit trees in the winter?


Cowlitz County Washington over 3 years ago

Persimmon tree

How long does it take for a persimmon tree to bear fruit?


Cowlitz County Washington about 2 years ago

large black spiders

Last night the lights were turned down low and I saw something move fast and thought it had to be a rodent. Upon turning on the light I saw the largest spider that I have ever seen indoors. I know what garden spiders are, they have large bodies.
This one was about 1/2 to 3/4 in long on the body and about 3/16 wide and with the legs was at least 1 3/4 long and wide. It was very black .

For about 4 months now I have had a rash on my leg that looks like little bubbles. It is a very sore and itchy area, and it has been very difficult to heal...could it be from a spider?


Cowlitz County Washington about 6 years ago

azalea diseases

My azalea bush gets dark spots on the leaves, kind of reddish brown color, that gets progressively worse as summer goes on. Come spring it leafs out, blooms OK and then repeats the cycle. How can I tell what is wrong? I suspect leaf spot or rust, although I don't know how to identify either of those or how to treat the plant. It does have mossy stems, but I don't think that is the problem with the leaves.


Cowlitz County Washington over 7 years ago


Potatoe are in bloom. Shall I stop watering them ?


Cowlitz County Washington about 6 years ago

Identify beetles in my yard

I have little bugs in my back yard, about the size of lady-bugs but with black bodies & the backs are pearly shiny pastel colors.


Cowlitz County Washington over 1 year ago

Why does my hen wag her tail feathers when she sees my dog and me?

I have a hen that is very attached to me and my dachshund. She is totally dominated by the rest of the flock. Whenever she sees me and the dogs, she wags her tail feathers. Is this tail wagging a sign of happiness, or does she think she is a dog?


Cowlitz County Washington about 6 years ago

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