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Hardy Kiwi suggestion for Dennis Carlson

This isn't really a question. I saw the article on Dennis Carlson and his garden in The Gorge Magazine. He mentioned a kiwi that wasn't bearing much fruit. This is my story about bringing back unfruitful kiwi vines. I inherited several mature kiwi vines at my allotment garden in Toronto, Canada. The first year I had it, it produced about 2 dozen berries, most of which were out of reach as the trellis it was on, was about 9' tall. Reading up on it, my vine was on a tall trellis which makes it difficult to prune and pick the fruit. It had also never been pruned. The fruit on kiwi is usually on new growth but not the curly bits. Fortunately for me I love to prune as they are vigorous growers. You also need a male vine to produce fruit. Kiwi are the only commercial fruit grown that need a male and female plant. My male plant was about 2' tall and would get eaten back to the ground by rabbits in the winter but it was enough to produce the fruit (they are apparently quite virile). Long story short. I built a flat top 6' trellis, pruned the vines very HARD every year and 5 years later it was producing about 22 pounds of fruit a season. The fruit is the size of a grape and not hairy. I found freezing the puree was a good way to keep it for later in the year. Please pass on this story to Dennis and wish him luck with his kiwi. Cheers Tracy Bright

Clark County WA over 6 years ago

Spraying my apple trees

The worm problem with my apple trees is getting prity bad. I tried to put off spraying insecticides for years but every apple has some sort of worm. What can I use to knock down the worm problem. I don't mind a few but it is getting out of hand. What can I do?

Are their effective organic ways to do the same thing?


After some of research and looking over information provided I think I have my questions answered. Thank you!

Clark County WA fruit trees apple trees almost 5 years ago

Bamboo/cane Hunt

Hi, I am hunting for a source of river cane or bamboo in Clark County. Is it, or a close relative, a native of the state and if so are there any public sources for harvesting a few (2-4) canes? My objective is making Native American style flutes and whistles.
Any help is greatly appreciated.


Clark County WA horticulture almost 4 years ago

Are My Dandelions Diseased?

We're finding a lot of dandelions in our yard with deformities, several fasciated and now many with these bumps all over the stems. What is causing this and should I be concerned about the rest of my garden (other flowers and vegetables)?


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Clark County WA plant disease dandelions horticulture almost 4 years ago

Maple tree budded but did not leaf

One of my maple trees budded earlier this year, but failed to get leaves. It looks very green, but the buds are crispy. The other maples around it (the builders put the same kind in all the yards, which abut each other) are doing fine.

Is my tree dead? Is there anything I can do to help it? Thanks.


Clark County WA over 4 years ago

Tiny black bugs

Help, we have tiny black bugs everywhere, and don’t know what they are or how to get rid of them.


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Clark County WA 3 months ago

Food for wildlife

We live NW of Amboy, WA on 10 acres and would like to plant food to help the wildlife, primarily deer, through the winter to come. We are forested and reside at 750 feet elevation. What would be best to plant now (Sept. 15th) that will grow through the winter?


Clark County WA wildlife damage management wildlife habitat over 4 years ago


Hi! We had 10---6-7ft arborvitae planted in October in our yard. Our gardener who procured planted the arborvitae for us fertilized each plant with a nitrogen stick. They have gotten plenty of water and are looking pretty good. I was just wondering if I should be fertilizing these new arborvitae during this winter time. Our gardener mentioned giving them more nitrogen every few months until they are much taller. I wanted to check with you and make sure. Thank you so much for any help and advice for our healthy arborvitae! Appreciate it. Best, Fabi


Clark County WA almost 2 years ago

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