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Life Expectancy of Dead Trees

I have several ash trees in my back yard, so you already know my problem. What complicates matters is that I have an elaborate treehouse suspended between 4 of them. I'm trying to determine my options for preserving the treehouse given the likelihood that my ash trees are all dead. If I were to top the trees at a height of, say, 30-32 feet (the treehouse is 20+ feet off the ground), thus reducing them to posts, and treated the tops to limit moisture and and invasive species, what should my expectation be for the length of time they would remain viable enough to support the structure (approaching a ton in weight)? Thank you for your consideration.

Jim Kacian


Winchester VA almost 5 years ago

Bloomed now no green leaves.

My weeping cherry tree bloomed beautiful this year however at the end of blooming we had a frost. Now we have had a lot of rain and some warm weather however it has not greened up yet should I worry yet. Thanks.


Winchester VA over 4 years ago

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