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I believe I have an infestation of weevils. I believe they came into my apartment from a bag of dry cat food. I have gotten rid of that bag but they are still all over my apartment; in the bedrooms, bathrooms, on the walls, and even occasionally in my bed. I have placed all food into the freezer as of right now. Other than can foods. I have cleaned out all the kitchen cupboards even though they have not been found in the kitchen. The ones that I have found I've placed in a zip lock bag(picture included). Do you think my cat is transferring them into the bedroom? The past 2 days they have only been found in the bathrooms. There is no food in either of my bathrooms! Also water does not seem to kill them. I placed a bowl with water in it to catch them during the night. One I actually picked up and put into the water bowl. The next day is was gone, so they don't even drown.



Williamsburg VA over 2 years ago

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