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Siberian Elm and Austrian Pine

WE are a cattle ranch in Rio Blanco County, NW Colorado...with some miles of riverfront. We are trying to plant trees to re tree our ranch and riparian areas....
Upon the recommendation of the Colorado Forest Service, we purchased and they sent us Siberian Elm and Austrian Pine for our dry areas...I am concerned particularly the siberian elm which I believe may be invasive. I can still pull out the seedlings though they have made it through the summer in tough and dry places...
I have a number of mature siberian elm already in dry spots (we plant cottonwood seedlings in the riparian area)...and have not seen too much invasiveness..but this year I am seeing alot of seedlings with the wetter weather. Pls advise...should we plant or DO NOT plant siberian elm and austrian pine? Neither one are obviously native.
Thank you!


Rio Blanco County Colorado over 1 year ago

Body Condition Scoring Range Cattle

In an article I noticed a reference to a paper titled (3 Step Boding Condition Scoring for range Cattle) that is available form your school. Where/or how do I get the paper? Have looked on the website but cannot find it. Can you help?? Thanks


Rio Blanco County Colorado about 4 years ago

What is this tree and are the berries edible?

What tree is this? Are the berries edible for Dogs and humans? There are a few growing in the back yard that seem to have been planted years ago. They do contain a pit.


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Rio Blanco County Colorado over 2 years ago

what grows

recommend plant that grows under pine trees over 5000 ft.
thank you


Rio Blanco County Colorado almost 2 years ago

Potato damage

After digging a beautiful crop of potatoes, I put them in damp sand in our cellar. Right after digging they were beautiful with no damage anywhere on them. A month after they were in our cellar I took some out to cook and they were covered in "scratches". The scratches are superficial except one potato I found an almost microscopic worm. The potato looks like it is covered in a road map of Los Angeles. Do you have any idea what this could be and how to not let this happen again?


Rio Blanco County Colorado over 4 years ago

Underground sprinkler system

When is the best time of year to install an underground sprinkler system in an established lawn?


Rio Blanco County Colorado about 1 year ago

weeds and trees

I have some property on the western slope along the white river. This property has narrow leaf cotton wood trees. What can I use to control the weeds in the forest without killing the forest? I mostly have a problem with thistle, burdock, toadflax and hounds tongue. I have no trouble controlling the weeds in the open areas....I just don't want to kill the trees. Any help?


Rio Blanco County Colorado over 5 years ago

Name these berries

Can you identify these berries? They grow in the white river drainage area. Between meeker and trappers lake. The berries are very hard sort of like rose hips but half the size. The bush can get quite large and has the appearance of a sarvice berry bush.but the leaves have the appearance of a holly of some kind waxy??



Rio Blanco County Colorado over 2 years ago

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