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Well water Testing Clinic

Please someone who knows what they are doing help me. I am so frustrustred from trying to reach Ed Olson about the well water testing clinic...Ed does not answer at 501-5171...a number that defaults back to 501-5160. I keep getting Karen who tells me to go to the Henrico web site ( and look) under Ask the Expert and then look for and click on Well Water Testing when you find iy to access an application to mail back in with a check for $60.00 to register for a yet to be announced date for a Webinar, water sample submission and then a clinic. I went to the Henrico website and followed additional links after finding and clicking on well water testing. There is no application to be filled out and mailed in. Bless Karen for trying to help me out, but the information she gave me has not been posted on the website. Can anyone help me thru this morose of outdated information and provide me with a well water testing application as well as information to clarify when and where to turn the application in to register in order to attend the well water testing clinic? I understand that the dates and time for submitting the application is critical and has a very short window. I am not confident about making this requirement when I can't contact Ed Olson the person in charge of bringing all this together and the information on the Henrico web site is not current and is not helpful. Can anyone help me? Jerry L. Green 804 539-8392 3220 Eastbury Ln Charles City, VA 23030

Virginia Beach VA 5 months ago

Insect found in pkg

I'm not sure if u received this or not. Found insect in a sealed box and bag of puppy PADS and it was alive. Please help me to identify this. Thx, Lori Patterson 804 405 7027

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Virginia Beach VA 5 months ago

Is my tree dying?

Does this tree need to be taken down?


Virginia Beach VA over 4 years ago

Would you know the name of this insect/spider?

Hello, I would like to know more about this insect, is there a web page you could point me too, or can you tell me more about it? Thank you.



Virginia Beach VA over 6 years ago

Best Grass For Virginia Beach

Hi, I'm trying to get information on the proper grass for the Virginia Beach, Virginia area. I would like to have a mixture of grass seeds that would include the growing of the grass for the summer and the winter months, even if it means planting different seeds during the different seasons. My goal is to have a beautiful green lawn the whole year round. I hope that you can help me achieve this goal. Thank you.


Virginia Beach VA over 5 years ago

Tree selection

Hello, I am hoping to plant a red maple beside my driveway, but am wondering if the tree will be too close to the driveway and if the roots will eventually destroy it. From the image, there is an apple tree and a maple tree beside the driveway. I want to transplant the apple tree to a different location, and plant the new maple in roughly the same location as the apple tree. The new maple would be about four feet from the driveway and 20 feet from the existing maple. The existing maple is about 3 years old and has plenty of space away from the driveway and does not have any problematic surface roots. If a maple is not a good choice in that new location, do you have any other recommendations? That area is my southern/western exposure and receives a lot of sun so I'm hoping to plant a medium/large deciduous tree.



Virginia Beach VA 4 months ago

Soil pH

I have several patchy areas in my backyard where grass will not grow. Having try Scott's grass seed with no results, is there another way to grow grass in these areas?


Virginia Beach VA almost 7 years ago

A common backyard weed in Virginia Beach, VA

My backyard is now invaded by a common weed but I don't know its name. I'll appreciate your help in identifying and killing it. I am attaching a few pictures of it and a picture of a tall dandelion-like weed. Thanks very much.


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Virginia Beach VA over 4 years ago

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