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Is my tree dying?

Does this tree need to be taken down?


Virginia Beach Virginia about 4 years ago

Would you know the name of this insect/spider?

Hello, I would like to know more about this insect, is there a web page you could point me too, or can you tell me more about it? Thank you.



Virginia Beach Virginia about 6 years ago

Best Grass For Virginia Beach

Hi, I'm trying to get information on the proper grass for the Virginia Beach, Virginia area. I would like to have a mixture of grass seeds that would include the growing of the grass for the summer and the winter months, even if it means planting different seeds during the different seasons. My goal is to have a beautiful green lawn the whole year round. I hope that you can help me achieve this goal. Thank you.


Virginia Beach Virginia over 4 years ago

Soil pH

I have several patchy areas in my backyard where grass will not grow. Having try Scott's grass seed with no results, is there another way to grow grass in these areas?


Virginia Beach Virginia over 6 years ago

A common backyard weed in Virginia Beach, VA

My backyard is now invaded by a common weed but I don't know its name. I'll appreciate your help in identifying and killing it. I am attaching a few pictures of it and a picture of a tall dandelion-like weed. Thanks very much.


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Virginia Beach Virginia about 4 years ago

Fall looking Maple

This maple has just turned brown in no time! There are maples nearby that are fine and green as usual. Any idea what happened to it?



Virginia Beach Virginia almost 7 years ago

Plant Identification

Would you please identify this plant for me?



Virginia Beach Virginia almost 4 years ago

Please Send Information On Apple Blossom Mold Control

Please send information on home gardening fungicides for apples to be harvested for consumption. We live on the southeast Virginia coast where it is in the 70's and wet in spring which has been molding our blossoms shortly after opening. We are looking for products available through retail which minimally impact bees and humans. This page: Contains a link for 'Table 2.4' that is not active. Thank you, Rob Blythe Proud Penn State Uncle...Class of '2020


Virginia Beach Virginia about 3 years ago

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