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Snake identification?

Can you identify this snake for me? It’s very small and was on our front porch bannister last night. This morning it’s gone, but now we’re concerned it might be a water moccasin. Having a hard time identifying it with pictures online!



Suffolk VA about 1 year ago

grow lights vs. plant plants

I recently inherited beautiful light loving plants from my recently deceased mother. My house is very dark due to awnings already in place on this otherwise very lovely rental home in VA. I've bought inexpensive lightbulbs (they're blue bulbs-marked "plant lights" 50 & 60 watt from Walmart) I burn these lights for the plants to simulate sunlight and hopefully stimulate growth. But are they "grow lights" specifically? I want the plants to thrive and live (they have such sentimental value). Surviving a dark house this winter is important (plants are huge Xmas cati, Aloe Vera cati and Hoya) Will burning table lamps with blue "plant lights" work? If not, what do I use? What are "grow" lights? What's the difference between "grow lights" and "plant lights"? Where do I find grow lights? What are they, what is the set up? Thank you. Kay


Suffolk VA about 7 years ago

Potential fungus and die back on young maple tree

Hi! I have a young maple tree that I planted in my backyard probably around 1.5 years ago. Before that it spent a good deal of time in a bag in our garage and then in a terracotta pot on our porch. I'm very attached to it as it is the last surviving tree we have from our wedding - we gave them out as favors. Its roots must have really gotten established over this past winter cause it has seemed very, very healthy this year. It has put on about 5 feet of growth and has full size leaves instead of the little baby ones it always put out before. We live in Virginia and we have gotten A LOT of rain over the past couple of weeks. We also have a sort of clay based soil in our yard. So anyway, all of the sudden the new growth at the ends of the branches is crinkly, crispy, and brown. I would assume that's a water issue but could that really be the case with as much rain as we've been having? Another thing I noticed when I was checking out the leaves was several small white dots on the trunk near the base. They seem slightly fuzzy and they come right off if I touch them gently. I actually called a local nursery and they suggested it might be crape myrtle bark scale. I looked it up and it does look pretty much just like that but can a maple get that? Any help is very appreciated. Like I said I am very attached to this tree and I want to make sure this isn't something that might kill it. Sorry for the one enormous paragraph. The entry form is being really glitchy and wouldn't let me start new paragraphs.


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Suffolk VA over 2 years ago

Please tell me what this weed is and how to control it.

It's talking over my front yard and cannot seem to control it. Your advice would be much appreciated!!



Suffolk VA almost 5 years ago

SELF WATERING Converting a 5-gallon bucket into a mini-garden

I'm attempting to design a system that self-waters for when I am away from home. Have you tried lowering the height of the overflow hole and using the jug as a water source? Fill the jug and the water will self level inside the bucket. Care will be needed to not drown plant. But water inside the jug should keep the plant watered for a few days.


Suffolk VA about 5 years ago

Fescue Grass

My lawn is starting to die off. It’s turning yellow in spots and seems to be spreading. This is within the last two weeks. Seeded my new lawn last fall and it came in beautiful and thick. Looked great through June, July and August. Certain spots where there is less sun gets like a mildew, greenish-black on the dirt. I assume because of to much water and not enough sun. Though even those areas looked great until now. I can send you pics if need be. Thanks


Suffolk VA over 2 years ago


Live in southeastern virginia. Planted red, yellow, and white onions in raised beds in september 2014.some in greenhouse some are not. None have formed a bulb. What is wrong?


Suffolk VA almost 6 years ago

We are beginners and have run into an interesting Delima.... We have built...

We are beginners and have run into an interesting Delima.... We have built our hives We have purchased our bees, which come on April 6th and 19th We have planting a lot of plants We have read a lot of books.. We have purchased all of our equipment (so we think) Here is the question: Are butter cups good for honey bees? Thanks 757-297-7265


Suffolk VA almost 3 years ago

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