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I am looking for Agnes. This was my favorite pickling cucumber. I got the seeds from Nichols Garden Nursery, but they no longer carry it. Do you know how or where I can find these seeds? Do you know of another cucumber that has similar qualities?

Staunton VA over 2 years ago

What is this thing taking over the yard

So, I have this weed, and it's everywhere. It grows in the shade, in full sun, in the gravel, etc. It doesn't change appearance as it gets bigger, just, gets bigger. Every time I turn around, there's 4 or 5 new ones everyday. No flowers or anything that I noticed. I would love to know what it is, and possible preventative measures I can take.


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Staunton VA over 4 years ago

Unknown woody stemmed plant

A few months ago, we severely trimmed back an out of hand boxwood, and an unkempt lilac bush. We noticed a small shrublike stump next to the boxwood, but didn't think much of it. Since then, a totally different plant has sprouted out of the stump. It is roughly 2 ft tall, with no noticeable flowers. So far the woody stems are all quite thin. Is this a bush? Is it a tree? Is it another weed I've never seen before?



Staunton VA over 4 years ago

Is this poison ivy or oak or something else

This is growing in a shady area underneath some oak trees, near some pine trees. I know I didn't plant it, and I'm not trying to grow itchy poisonous things.


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Staunton VA over 4 years ago

Easy Personal Guide to Starting a Food Business

Hi, I am interested in starting a fermented food business in Staunton, Virginia. I nam likely to want to start small, making batches at home for direct sale or for sale at a Farmers Market. There are a lot of publications and guides offered on this site — so much so that it is overwhelming me a bit in terms of how and where to start, mostly as afar as what things I have to do to be in compliance with Virginia and federal at the home-based level. Do you all offer classes in this kind of thing — something basic and yet personal to help sort some of the big information out easily? Or do you offer consultations for new entrepreneurs? Best, Lindsay Curren


Staunton VA over 6 years ago

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