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Bird mites? Formication? Paresthesias?


For the past month or so, I have had the sensation of crawling, itching, tingling, and pricking on my skin at night. This occurs almost exclusively while I am lying in bed or relaxing on my futon. I have not seen any insects, and have no visible bite marks. These sensations can occur anywhere on my body, at random intervals. They resolve as soon as I scratch.

I had begun to convince myself that this must be some type of skin disorder, dry skin, or possibly a stress-related delusion. However, the fact that it seems to occur almost instantaneously when I sit down to relax on my futon makes me think that there must be some type of infestation. The futon is near a window, and there are often birds nesting outside. After scouring the internet for answers, I am beginning to think that my condition may be brought on by bird mites.

It has been a hot summer here in Richmond, VA.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Richmond VA over 4 years ago

white stuff at the base of newly planted trees

My recently planted Green Giant Western Abrovitae trees have white stuff coming up through the mulch at the base of the trees. They were planted about 3 weeks ago. The other older trees in the same row do not have the white stuff. It looks like cooking flour but some of the white stuff looks like little round balls. Today I noticed that even my potted plants appear to have this white stuff appearing. Photos are below.
Thank you!


White_stuff_base_of_abrovitae_300x300%2523 White_stuff_in_pots_300x300%2523 White_stuff_base_of_tree_2_300x300%2523

Richmond VA over 5 years ago

Pressure canning times for high-acid foods

I have used the boiling water bath method for my jams and preserves but recently moved to an apartment with a very small stove top. While my enamel canning pot fits on the stove, it makes me nervous about burning myself while I take my jars in and out of the bath. I have a pressure cooker that is smaller which I would like to use instead. I can only find times for low-acid foods in pressure cookers. Where can I find guidance for the times for high-acid foods in a pressure cooker? I have your leaflets on canning but they do not have this information.


Richmond VA over 5 years ago

Phosphorus addition

How can I add more phosphorus to my plants to encourage more blooms? Should I apply 0-44-0 fertilizer or is there a better organic way? Thanks


Richmond VA over 1 year ago

Plant Disease? Can I save these plants?

Hello! At my place of work, we have two plants (see pictures) in our lobby. They were purchased from a local nursery. They now have brown nodules on them. The nodules seem to be weeping and dripping a little on to the floor. We would love to save these plants if possible. What is the issue that is going on with these plants? What is the best course of action to save them or would it make better sense to simply replace them with different plants? Thank you so very much for your help. Your office and the work you all do is incredibly appreciated. Thank you!


Img_0572_300x300%2523 Img_0573_300x300%2523 Img_0574_300x300%2523

Richmond VA about 4 years ago

Bumps on Boxwood Stems

Hi, I am in Richmond, VA, and I can't seem to figure out what is wrong with my American Boxwood shrubs. Stems are covered with little bumps throughout, though no bumps on the leaves. Stems also blackish towards the base. Some leaves show slight discoloration. The shrub seems to be dying from the inside out(meaning from the center of the shrub outwards). Is this a fungus, blight, or hard/soft scale, or something different entirely? Wish I knew; Hoping someone may be able to help identify what condition this is. Thanks


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Richmond VA over 4 years ago

Ivy issues in Virginia

I have just read two questions from late Spring and they both sound similar to what I've been experiencing, although my experience has gone on much longer, perhaps several years. I thought it was due to the loss of a large shade tree but had heard that in time, it would adapt and come back. My question is if I examine all the ivy vines and find some with green inside, should I cut the vine off where the green ends and/or can I make several small slices to encourage new shoots? And one more question, is there a fertilizer you would recommend for use on English Ivy? Thank you for your help!


Richmond VA over 6 years ago

"southern blight"

I have a hosta which is dying.. from what I think may be "southern blight". Using the photos, could you confirm this and give and me advice on how to best rid this from my garden.
photos 1... the effected plant 2. a close up of the stem at ground level. 3 a close up of a leaf that was removed and placed in a plastic bag.. the white feathery "something" grew over several days..
Anxious gardener!!...Jean Oswald


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Richmond VA over 5 years ago

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