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Swarming Insects on Corn Tassel

There is a swarm of black insects on just one corn plant that I have never seen before. The cling to the tassel on that single plant. They fly and are somewhat smaller than bees. What are they and what should I do?


Radford VA over 6 years ago

Controlling rudbeckia psyllid nymphs

My coneflowers and rudbeckia appear to have psyllid nymphs. I have identified this pest through photos on the internet. The leaves on my plants have purple splotches with a white bump(s). Is there any treatment or should I get rid of the plants before this spreads?


Radford VA over 7 years ago

Apple Trees

I'm trying to learn more about growing apple trees. I live in Radford and was wondering what apple trees, if any, you would recommend in this area. Or... is it too difficult without a lot of land and with deer, etc. Is there another fruit tree you would recommend? Thank you!


Radford VA about 4 years ago

Peac Tree Issue

My young peach tree's new growth has withered and it has lost three of the six peaches that were originally on the tree. One of the fruit that remains is oozing a brown jelly.



Radford VA over 5 years ago

Magnolia Tree Issue

Hi. My Magnolia appears to have a problem similar to the peach tree, with its new growth withering, and the leaves have spots. Thanks for your Assistance. John Jacob



Radford VA over 5 years ago

Dogwood Tree Issue

Hi. My white dogwood has a spotted and discolored leaves. I would appreciate any help you can offer. Thank you for your assistance John Jacob



Radford VA over 5 years ago

Holly bush

My mom has a holly tree(bush) in the yard she passed away 6 years ago the 21st of this month she sold the house to my daughter and her so called husband and my grandchildren about a year or so before she died well now they have lost the house its in forclosure i don't have the money to have it dug up and brought to my house is there any way i can get a start from it without hurting the tree not that it matters it will probably be bull dosed up and the house torn down when the owners take over i would really like to have a piece of it she loved that tree so much a few years ago when we got a really bad ice storm it almost killed it but she nursed it back to where it is a gorgeous tree now can u please help me before i get caught tresspassing thank you Shirley Britt


Radford VA about 5 years ago

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