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Why did my hydrangea flowers change from mop head variety to the lace cap variety

I have approx. 8 year old hydrangea plants, that had big beautiful mop head type flowers for several years. The last couple of years, I have noticed the majority of the flowers have changed to lace cap style flowers. Did I do something wrong? Could it be a soil issue? I'm thinking maybe it is a hybrid that is reverting back to the dominate parent style. please help!


Norfolk Virginia trees and shrubs horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials about 4 years ago

Type of grass

What type of grass would you recommend to grow if you have a Maple Tree directly in the middle of your lawn? My husband likes Fescue, but it doesn't do very well in the summer. I live in Norfolk, Va. Thank you for your time. K. Bean


Norfolk Virginia lawns and turf almost 4 years ago

Tree Identification

I'm trying to identify a tree in my back yard (see attached .JPG). I would also like to know how large the tree will grow? Thank you!



Norfolk Virginia almost 5 years ago

Brown Turkey Fig


I am in Norfolk Va and have a 15 year old Celeste and Brown Turkey fig tree- I understand the Celeste and Brown Turkey can get "10 to 20 feet high."? That is quite a range- can I keep my tree under 10 feet without too much excessive pruning? Are there pitfalls to pruning? Is it true that I am supposed to strip off the large leaves to help the fruit develop? i
ALSO - Do I have a snowball's chance in hell of keeping a Myer Lemon semi-dwarf tree alive in a sunny fenced corner of a yard if I burlap, heap leaves on it, Christams lights, poprtable green house or WHATEVER to keep it alive during cold winters? (Norfolk- I think zone 7a?)


Norfolk Virginia horticulture fruit trees about 3 years ago

What is this plant.

Would like to start a new plant from this one.


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Norfolk Virginia almost 3 years ago

English Ivy Removal

I have a large bed of well-established English ivy that I need to eradicate. I've tried before to cut it and pull it out but it came back even lusher. It is growing up a large pine tree and when I try to tear it off, it breaks part-way up.

I would rather not use herbicides unless there is no other good alternative. Also, I've read that herbicides used near pine trees are especially harmful for the tree. What can I do to get rid of this ivy?


Norfolk Virginia weeds english ivy vines over 4 years ago

Brown patch?

I have been told that I might have brown patch in my fescue turf grass. May I send grass samples somewhere to determine if it is brown patch?


Norfolk Virginia lawns and turf turf diseases almost 4 years ago

Can you tell me what is causing these wholes in my mother's lawn?

My mother has a problem with something burrowing in her yard. She's not sure what is causing them and what to do about them



Norfolk Virginia about 5 years ago

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