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Why are my leaves black

I recently purchased this house and it has a number of trees. The leaves ste turning black. What can I do to fix this?

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Newport News VA almost 2 years ago

Help identifying plant

Can you help me identify this small tree/shrub growing in my yard?


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Newport News VA over 4 years ago

Came up over night.

What is this, and is it poisonous?



Newport News VA over 5 years ago

unusual leaf pattern

Do you know what caused the unusual pattern on this leaf?


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Newport News VA about 7 years ago

October Glory Japanese Maple Leaf Damage

Some leaves on my tree are being eaten away between leaf veins leaving a lacey skeleton-like look. I can't see any pest on the leaves even with a magnifying glass. Any ideas on what could be causing this and what would be the remedy?


Newport News VA over 4 years ago

Help identifying weed

My yard is overrun with this vine and I am having a lot of trouble identifying it. It grows very fast and has been killing everything it grows on. I have never seen any flowers on it. It has very tough woody roots and is hard to pull up. I was wondering if anybody could help me identify this? Thank you.


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Newport News VA over 4 years ago

Snake Away and vegetablr gardens

How close shoulde I apply snake away near tomato plants or other vegetables in a garden?


Newport News VA over 6 years ago

found in a shady meadow

Does anyone recognize this plant? It was growing in a ravine next to some ferns and arrowhead plants. Lots of shade and the soil was moist. Oaks, maples, and hollies are prevalent nearby.

Thanks :)


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Newport News VA over 4 years ago

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