Manassas, Virginia

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What kind of pepper am I growing?

It is supposed to be a Carolina reaper pepper. Is it?



Manassas VA over 5 years ago

Maple Tree Leaves Turn Color Early

I have a Red Maple tree, approximately 25 years old, in our front yard in Manassas. The leaves on the tree start to change to fall colors as early as June. Initially (5-6 years ago) it was only on the east side of the tree but has progressed to occurring all around the tree. Not all of the foilage changes; currently about 65% is red and 15% have dropped. It seems like this would be a sign of distress and as the tree is only 15 feet from the house, I'm inclined to take it out. Picture is attached. The flower garden around the tree was not created until it was well mature, about 5 years ago. Any advice is welcome, thank you.
- Pete Hawkins



Manassas VA over 5 years ago

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