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oak tree leaves turning brown

Why are the leaves on my oak tree turning brown? It started about 6 weeks ago on the south side of the tree and is now rapidly spreading.This tree is not pin oak and is roughly 55 feet tall. I have not seen any sign of pests and the trunk and limbs look fine.


Lynchburg VA over 6 years ago

PH Levels

Hey Guys, I'm new to planting and taking care of my lawn and I want to make sure I'm going in the right direction. I understand PH levels but wanted to know how this works in regards towards getting my lawn back the way it needs to be. What should I buy? There are so many options. I would like to get my lawn back the way it needs to be green. Thanks.


Lynchburg VA almost 6 years ago

How do I get rid of this weed?

This weed showed up in our lawn this year and we tried weed be gone with no success. Any ideas of how to get rid of it?



Lynchburg VA almost 5 years ago

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