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Pear tree leaf issue

Hello! Last year our old pear tree dropped its leaves in mid-June. While it still produced fruit, the fruit was smaller than usual. We noticed that the tree is having some brown spots appear, black areas, and some of the leaves have begun to drop (late May). From my internet search, I sense that it has a fungus. Is there anything that we can do besides collecting the leaves that fall to the ground and destroying them so the fungus does not spread? The leaves has just begun to fall and to be honest, we really do not want to have this tree with no leaves once again this summer. Thank you.



Harrisonburg VA 8 months ago

Emerald Ash Borrer tree infestation

An ash tree in our backyard has succumbed to what I believe to be an Emerald Ash Borrer infestation. I didn't know if the extension office needed to be aware of such an infestation in the area. While I don't have any other ash trees in my backyard, there is a sizable wooded area behind my house - what can I do to prevent other ash trees from being infested?


Harrisonburg VA over 6 years ago

Soil Sample Testing

Within the past several years, I learned friends who are Master Gardeners that soil testing is available for home gardeners in our area who want to improve their soil. I believe they told me that this was in connection with VA Cooperative Extension and Virginia Tech. I have not been able to find information on this on-line. Do you have any information about soil testing that you could provide?


Harrisonburg VA about 4 years ago

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