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Help with Footing

I need to find a (relatively) local equiestrian footing consultant to help determine how the current footing can be amended to bring it "back to life". It is sand based and has work down with use and grooming, leaving it feeling "dead". I was in contact with Kiser Arena Consultants, but they no longer do off-site consulting, and want $7500 plus expenses just for consultation. I am hoping to find a more resonable fee to revive the all-purpose footing in an arena used by hunter-jumpers, dressage and western riders.


Pitkin County Colorado almost 2 years ago

Festuca rubra

Dear Expert,

Is Festuca rubra considered native to Colorado? The USDA and NPIN seem to suggest so.

Also, can you recommend other high altitude (7,000' to 8,500' elevation) shade tolerant grasses native to Colorado other than Deschampsia cespitosa?

Thank you!


Pitkin County Colorado about 5 years ago

List of landscapers wanting employment


We are in need of two experienced landscapers in the Aspen area. Do you happen to have a list of landscapers looking for work?

Thank you,

Fitzgerald Landscaping

Basalt, CO


Pitkin County Colorado over 6 years ago

Amount of seed in Hydroseed mix

Its my understanding that the appropriate quantity of seed required to cover a given area can be different due to varying seed sizes between species. For the mix listed on your website for "Native Grasses for Loamy Soil," (http://www.colostate.edu/Dept/CoopExt/Adams/sa/gsefrc.htm), what would be an appropriate amount of seed to include per thousand pounds of hydroseeding mixture? This application will be in Aspen, Colorado.



Pitkin County Colorado about 6 years ago

What is this flower

Was on hiking on the Woody Creek Trail near Lenado CO and saw this plant. It was growing between downed trees not far from the creek bed in a shady area. Can’t find it in my guide books.



Pitkin County Colorado 9 months ago

Blooming flowers in mid September in Aspen Colorado

There is a wedding in Aspen Colorado that would like RED, BRIGHT YELLOW, FUCHSIA, and ORANGE flowers that are blooming Sept. 12th. We have the capability to cover the gardens to protect them from a hard frost, but the blooms need to be cold hardy. The flowers can be annuals at our zone or perennials. We have a preference for perennials. Thank you so much in advance for some suggestions.


Pitkin County Colorado almost 6 years ago

fungus gnats

Can I sterilize my potting soil by baking it or some other technique to insure that I won’t have any fungus gnats.

Another question: can the university test my out door soil and tell me if it’s in need of fertilizer.

Thanks Steve


Pitkin County Colorado almost 8 years ago

Leaf scorch / ants...

Question about a sudden appearance of leaf scorch on newly planted trees. Planted a cluster of 3 1" diam aspens and within a week there is leaf scorch. In other locations I planted a few fruit trees, a cottonwood and 2 chokecherry. They are all doing fine and all are on the same drip schedule. So, I think they are getting enough water (drip), (but perhaps I should go back to less frequent but deeper waterings??... The other difference is that we discovered gobs of ants in the area of the aspens - also discovered at least one (maybe two) large mounds near this location and ant holes have appeared at the base of the little trees. Could the ants be the problem? And how best to remove them? I live at 8500 ft, rural location in Old Snowmass - seeing more and more of these mean reddish ants with large mounds.


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Pitkin County Colorado almost 3 years ago

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