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Brown Recluse Spiders?

Hello, I find these brown spiders occasionally in my office building. They hide under baseboards, do not make webs, and are generally unbothersome. But I wonder, just for safety's sake, if I should be extra careful if they are indeed brown recluse spiders. I still have these two, so I could send them in if necessary. Thanks for your help, Suzanne Stryk



Bristol VA over 6 years ago

fungus at base of tree

We have noticed the attached fungus within the past 3 weeks at the base of our tree. If I try to kick it, it is hard as a rock. Do you know what this is, and do I need to cut it out so as not to further damage the tree? Thanks.



Bristol VA over 7 years ago


My potatoes already flowered and I've been putting more and more dirt on them to keep them hilled up. They was doing amazing and noe they look like their dying. They still have some green leaves but their turning yellow and druping. It has been over a month since they flowered so could they just be at the end of their harvest or could they be infected. I have small children that are hoping to eat them but I wanna make sure their safe.


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Bristol VA over 1 year ago

lawn care

Best schedule for lawn care feeding,weeding and product to use? Same for grub control? Scrub and tree protection?


Bristol VA almost 5 years ago

Rim Guard Tire Ballast Donation

Hello, We have around 700 gallons of Rim Guard Tire Ballast that we no longer need due to the fact that we no longer service tractors. We would prefer to donate it, tank included if wanted, but are having trouble reaching anyone interested. Is there a procedure set in place for this type of substance?


Bristol VA almost 2 years ago

Tree Rot

I have a large Wild Cherry Tree very close to my deck/house in Bristol. I have lived there almost a year. I love the tree very much, as does my cat! The back of the tree has two "holes" near the bottom. I would like to know if there is any way to save the tree. If it were to fall, it would fall in the direction of my house. I am uploading pictures. Thanks you, Kim Willis



Bristol VA over 7 years ago

Apple scab?

My red delicious apple tree has lost all the leaves about 1/3 way up. Leaves were sootted, turned yellow and dropped off. The tree us over 30 years old. Is the best thing to do cut it down? We have a yellow del, that shows no sign of it and Idont want to loose it too, Linda


Bristol VA over 1 year ago

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